Kandice Vincent

Lead SEO Content Writer & Strategist


Experienced SEO content writer and strategist specializing in content for eco-friendly, vegan, and sustainable brands. Founder of The Conscious Content Initiative - SEO content agency and head of the North American newsdesk at Vegconomist - The vegan business magazine

Greenwashing in the Pet-Care Industry

Greenwashing is becoming increasingly common in the pet care industry, and it can be hard to identify as the industry is largely unregulated. We will examine greenwashing in the pet care industry, how to identify it, and how to ensure you're purchasing eco-friendly pet care products from quality and trustworthy brands.

All Y'alls Foods
Vegan Statistics 2022 (USA)

Every year interest in plant-based eating grows in the United States. And because of this interest, there is an increased demand for studies and vegan statistics that examine the nutritional, environmental and ethical impact of going plant-based. You might be interested in losing weight, reducing your carbon footprint,

ProShot & Tidal
Shark Conservation with Saving the Blue

From hosting educational expeditions to outreach awareness programs, Saving the Blue is an inspirational leader for ocean advocates like us!

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