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By day, I write for eCommerce platforms & the software that integrates with them. In my free time, I write stories about online retail and DTC with a focus on fashion, beauty, and luxury items for publications like Forbes, Glossy, and Adweek. I'm especially interested in stories about sustainable and ethical business practices.

Legacy Swimwear Brands Step Up Sustainability Efforts to Compete With DTCs

As legacy brands continue to fight against the upstart DTC brands, the swimwear industry is looking to sustainability as its hot new fashion trend. Swimwear is becoming an increasingly lucrative vertical in the fashion industry, averaging about $4.6 billion in sales in 2018, according to NPD Group's Consumer Tracking Service.

New Report Shows Sustainable Fashion Efforts are Decreasing

The Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 Update report indicates that, as a whole, the fashion industry is slowing down on sustainability efforts. The report, created by Global Fashion Agenda and Sustainable Apparel Coalition in partnership with Boston Consulting Group, uses a scoring system called the Pulse Index to evaluate fashion companies' sustainability goals and implementation efforts.

Why Online Fashion Retailers Are Experimenting With Invite-Only Access

Select direct-to-consumer fashion brands are experimenting with limited or invite-only access to products. While it may seem like a counter-intuitive approach that limits a brand's potential customer base, a few retailers are seeing success by choosing to go this route.

How Tech Is Driving Innovation In The Retail Sector

New technology is one way retailers are working to outpace the competition, with innovations bringing new solutions to market while also spurring improved customer experiences across various touchpoints. Companies like vegan cosmetics brand are hopping on board with this tech trend, recently launching an app that uses AR to create an immersive experience for users and customers that centers around their products.

New Ways The Beauty Industry Is Testing Sustainable Practices

Data shows the packaging industry for consumer product goods, which includes personal care and beauty products, generates more than $25 billion in sales worldwide each year. However, this demand comes with a major environmental impact: As much as 70% of plastic waste generated by the industry isn't recycled.

SpongeBob SquarePants Is The Newest Beauty Influencer

When you think about beauty influencers, you probably don't think of SpongeBob SquarePants. This won't be the case for much longer, however, as the cartoon character has an exclusive line of direct-to-consumer beauty products rolling out, thanks to a new partnership with HipDot Studios.

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