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Don't get cheated at the funeral home

Despite having 30 years to get it right, one in four funeral homes still isn't following a government regulation intended to protect mourners from the confusing and sometimes...


7 ways to save on funeral costs

These days, a funeral can cost upwards of $27,000, reports the National Funeral Directors Association. But even the least expensive funerals, hovering around $2,000, can be more...


6 ways to beat pricey gym memberships

Minerva Studio / Shutterstock.com Gym memberships at big-name health clubs can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 a month, plus initiation fees - a huge sum many shell out, and some...


Death of the bounced check

Checks don't bounce much anymore. And it's not just that fewer paper checks get written - the rate at which checks get returned for insufficient funds is dropping too. In 2009,...


Should your credit score be on your bank statements?

Michael D Brown / Shutterstock.com Are truly free credit scores on the horizon? Maybe, if credit-card companies heed the suggestion of the government that they should provide...


MasterCard uses geolocation to make sure you are you

If someone steals your credit card, they'd probably have little trouble racking up a hefty bar tab or buying a new TV with the plastic. But MasterCard is experimenting with a...


Delta brings class warfare to SkyMiles

Getting a good deal on a Delta flight will soon be a bad break for your frequent-flier miles-especially if you're booking a round-trip ticket. That's because starting next...



'Copwatchers' Fight Back Against Stop-And-Frisk | The Uptowner

Matthew Swaye's hands shake with nerves as he walks through Sugar Hill with his phone out. He has never really looked for trouble, but he knows trouble can be just around the...


When Toe Picks Meet Tutoring: Harlem Figure Skaters are the Cutting Edge | The Uptowner

It's glacially cold on the rooftop of the City Ice Pavilion - you can almost see your breath when you exhale. The rink, in Long Island City, is insulated with giant white...


Nothin' But Net: Street Ball Still Popular at Historic Rucker Park | The Uptowner

A dirty orange globe hits the asphalt, again and again, its rhythmic motion almost hypnotizing as the young man dribbles up the court. At this moment nobody can touch him - it's...



Apollo Amateur Night lives on

A night at the Apollo The next big star could be born tonight, everyone knows it. This stage launched the career of a 16-year-old Ella Fitzgerald and a 9-year-old Michael...


Check in to Bates Motel this season

A prequel television series to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 Psycho, set in the present day, Bates Motel follows the life of 17-year-old Norman Bates ( Freddie Highmore) and his...


'Southern Wild' is honest, gritty and beautiful

There's a little island in the Louisiana bayou known to locals as the Bathtub in the film Beasts of the Southern Wild. The rural, feral community that inhabits that Bathtub is...


Boardwalk pieces find love in Heartwalk

The red TKTS tickets booth, where discounted Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, music and dance event tickets are sold, is usually the star attraction amid the neon lights and...


'Beautiful Creatures' casts its spell

Get ready for another teen paranormal romance saga, because Beautiful Creatures has just hit theaters. The first installment of "The Caster Chronicles," based on a best-selling...

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19th-Century Code Helps 21st-Century Mars Rover Find Its Way

Back in the 1840s, Morse code was a ground-breaking approach for sending messages over a hot, new communications medium called the electrical telegraph. Earlier this year, the...