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The Mayfly Project Website

Freelance Project: Writing for this nonprofit's website, handbook, forms, and creative program development.

If You Give a Teenager a Fly Rod

If you give a teen a fly rod, they'll probably want a reel to go with it. When they see the reel, they will wonder if it makes them look cool... So they will want to take a selfie.

Spey Casting Parents

Proud to have this shared on Moldy Chum website! Over 1,000 views! Thanks, Moldy Chums! http://www.moldychum.com/home-old/2015/4/23/spey-casting-parents.html I found a rotten carrot near my seat buckle and cathartically threw it out the window. It was a ceremonial gesture; signaling the end of 9 hours alone in a car with three kids, to the ultimate final destination with...

Craving the River: Why Fly Rods Benefit Your Mental Health

by Kaitlin Barnhart Kaitlin Barnhart has her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Pacific Lutheran University and currently works with troubled youth at Integrative Interventions, LLC, as well as writing for Idaho Life Magazines. Check out her blog at www.mammaflybox.wordpress.com and follow her Women's Fly Fishing Facebook Page.

Running for My Life in Alaska, with Nelly & John Mayer

I worry the bloated dead porcupine on the shore will explode the moment I decide to run past it. The waves are jostling it around and the aroma of decaying carcass enters my nostrils. After a second of gagging, I manage to push through and carry on down the road towards what could be...

Bucket List Publications
Back to Real Life

Author: Kaitlin Barnhart Mamma Fly Box While walking away from the river to head to my car, I always take one last glance at the serenity behind me. I usually sigh and say to myself, "Now back to real life"..... As if the river were a door to another world and I am stepping out of...

Alaska Part I

Just when I start to believe the turbulence is over, the plane drops down as if a giant bats us out of the sky. The pilot's voice echoes through the small 20 seat plane and says, "We have some wea...