Krysten Stewart-Ralston

Writer & Editor

United States

Hi! I'm Krysten Stewart-Ralston, a freelance writer, and editor for hire in the PNW. I create engaging and innovative content for clients and help other writers bring their ideas to fruition. I am passionate about the art of story and want to help you tell yours! I graduated with a bachelor's from WSU Vancouver where I studied English and creative writing.

CRR March 2022

Train depot volunteer Dustin File New poem by Robert Michael Pyle, "Do I Dare?" Life-saving accordion Original artwork by Alan C.Brunk

CRR October 2021

Understand the perspective of Tony Johnson, Chairman of the longstanding, yet unrecognized Chinook Indian Nation. Go wine tasting in Ridgefield, Wash., with Tracy Beard. Plant water-wise plants and shrubs now to be ready for next summer's heat waves. Books, astronomy, food and MORE!

CRR Nov-Dec Holiday 2021

Holiday 2021 issue with outings and events, gift, food and entertaining ideas, holiday lighting events, poetry, book recommendations, Miss Manners advice for gracious living, and MORE things to make you smile.

Salmon Creek Journal 2020

Krysten Stewart is a contributing author and editor of the 2020 edition of The Salmon Creek Journal.

The VanCougar
Erasing the past: Native American history on campus

If one were to stroll through WSU Vancouver's rolling 351 acres, there is no significant indication that the university was built on land once belonging to the Cowlitz Tribe. This land has a lengthy and rich Native American history, but many students and community members are unaware.

The VanCougar
Titan VanCoug, rare corpse flower blooms, creating a buzz & stench on campus

On-site interviews courtesy of Krysten Stewart & Brody Voge The corpse flower [Amorphophallus titanum ] - named Titan VanCoug - bloomed for the first time since it was planted 17 years ago. Both flies and spectators are abuzz at WSU Vancouver to catch a glimpse of the putrid smelling flower.

The VanCougar Issue 30 Volume 1

"Student's embark on summer adventures with recreation program" by Krysten Stewart. Article can be found on pages 8-9.

The VanCougar
DTC student rolls out new film

On a chilly, fall Saturday morning, Tom Andersen reached a milestone in his young career with the premiere of his latest film, "It Was Love at the Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver on Oct. 19. Andersen, a WSU Vancouver senior digital technology and culture major, is the owner and director of his own independent film company, Mahilum Films .