Judith Vonberg

Freelance journalist

I'm a freelance journalist currently working on the digital news team at CNN International in the London bureau, where I began as an intern in January 2017. I also work as a freelance news writer at The Independent.

From June to September 2017, I was a key player in designing and coordinating a project to grow CNN's audience in Germany. This involved writing news stories, producing distinctive features, analysis pieces and graphics-led articles, and working closely with colleagues in Berlin and with the CNN Style and Travel teams.

My articles on migration, Anglo-German relations and European culture have also been published by The Guardian, New Statesman and BuzzFeed and I have appeared on BBC TV World News and BBC Radio Scotland discussing the refugee crisis. You can see some of my work on refugee and migration issues at www.peoplecrossingborders.com.

I have also recently passed my doctorate in Anglo-German Cultural Relations. My PhD thesis explores the mutual depictions of Britons and Germans in British and German popular culture just after the Second World War.

United Kingdom




'We can't just stop breathing': A global scandal, made in Germany

A piece of gray pipe hangs among the potted plants on Susanne Jallow's apartment balcony. Hidden inside the nondescript tube is a tiny computer, seven cables and a particle...


'Jerusalem is our right:' Palestinians enraged by Trump decision

Disillusioned and disappointed Palestinians took to the streets in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem on Thursday following US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize...


Germany's hidden hunger: On the breadline in Europe's richest country

Lilifer Kus works five days a week at a butcher’s shop, but every Thursday morning she can be found at her local food bank, collecting the supplies she needs to feed her family.


No place to pray: Why Munich’s Muslims are turning to old pubs and churches

The sound of Muslim prayer drifts out from the old pub onto the street, as men and women inside kneel on rugs laid down carefully minutes earlier. A Jewish man stands in the...


How Germany stacks up against its neighbors

When German voters head to the polls on September 24, they'll have to choose from a record 42 parties, but there are just two realistic candidates for Chancellor -- incumbent...


Martin Schulz: Germany's Bernie Sanders?

He's a former alcoholic, an ex-soccer player and he doesn't have a university degree. Martin Schulz is not your average candidate for Chancellor. But on September 24, the votes...


Sergey Ponomarev: A lens on Syria

His latest exhibition, "A Lens on Syria," is now showing at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London, a visual testimony to a war that -- at the last count a year ago -- has...


Britain's young voters are angry, not apathetic

With younger people in the UK significantly worse off than older generations, they're not apathetic about elections -- they're frustrated and angry.


Living with autism - as a woman

Laura James, 47, is a successful journalist and author. She's a wife to Tim and mother to four adult children. She likes fashion, cats and writing. She's eloquent and...


Brexit: 50 things to do after Article 50

Brexit officially began Wednesday after UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50, kicking off Britain's withdrawal from the European Union and the painstaking...


How some European countries are tightening their refugee policies

US President Donald Trump is expected to sign a new executive order this week that would temporarily halt travel from citizens of seven nations he says pose a high risk of...

New Statesman

Do we really need another drama about Hitler?

A new series being produced in Germany seeks to portray Hitler as a human being, in an attempt to explain an evil that seems inexplicable.

The Guardian

'You work in a vacuum' - the loneliness of the long distance learner

I became a distance learning student when a failed PhD funding application ruled out a London university with a 30-minute commute. Instead, I accepted a place at a university...

Migrants' Rights Network

Al Jazeera will not say Mediterranean 'migrants', but we should

By rejecting the term and using ‘refugee’ instead as a means of arousing the empathy and compassion we should be feeling towards these people, Al Jazeera gives credence to the...


This Is What Refugees Are Given When They Arrive In Berlin

BERLIN - The refugee crisis that has engulfed Europe has seen tens of thousands of people make their way to Germany in the hope of making a better life. And in this ordinary...

International news


629 migrants stranded as Italy's populists refuse to let ship dock

Spain announced Monday that it would allow a ship carrying hundreds of migrants to dock in Valencia after Italy's new populist government turned the boat away in a move...


Iraqi migrant wanted for murder of German teen caught

An Iraqi migrant suspected of the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in western Germany was arrested by Kurdish forces in Iraq one day after German police issued an...


Austria to close seven mosques, expel imams

Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 60 imams in what it described as "just the beginning" of a crackdown on "political Islam" and...