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Jaylen Boyd

Student Writer

An aspiring writer, published in my college newspaper, and a student wanting to learn about journalism.
I am a fan of Hip Hop, with a drive to produce quality work that goes against corporations trying to sell Hip Hop in a negative fashion.
For my career, I want to be an accomplished and notable writer that help shape the Hip Hop and cover what should be exposed to the general public, not what corporations wants the public to consume.
I am a man of honest journalism. I also believe in being positive. There are negatives, but sometimes we get caught up in the bad and forget to highlight the positives that are going on in the world.
Those are my principles along with diligence and making sure that I have all the facts correct when I write my story. I do not want to lead people astray with incorrect information.
I am also good at interviews. I like to make my questions connect with the person I am interviewing, leaving room to expand upon their statement.
Column stories are the best. Having my own opinion and bringing some humor is style of writing that I enjoy. That does not mean I am limited to Columns.
I have written a feature story and it was published in the college newspaper, the Corsair.


Jaylen Harrell