Joshua Wirtanen


Location icon United States of America

Professional writer with several years of copywriting, journalism, blogging, website creation and SEO experience.

2019 Product Guide Showdown Displays

I wrote and edited all of the copy in the Showdown Displays 2019 Product Guide catalog, which is just under 200 pages long. Here is a flipbook version of the entire catalog.

Showdown Displays
Featured Product Flyer

At Showdown Displays, one of my many tasks was to create copy for featured product flyers every month. This is just one example.

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How to Troubleshoot Your Home Network

I was a key member of a team that migrated copy over from to, revising and rewriting when needed. This specific article was created from scratch, and I did all the research and writing.

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Portable Audio - Geek Squad Protection Landing Page

I was part of an initiative to rebuild landing pages for Geek Squad's protection plans. I wrote all of the copy. Here is one landing page of the 8 that I worked on during the course of this project.

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PC Gaming Buying Guide

Building or upgrading a gaming PC can be a daunting task, so my task was to make it more accessible to consumers with this buying guide.