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Jordan Hopkins

Content Writer | Brand Amplifier

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I believe in compelling stories. Let's amplify yours.

I specialize in writing well-researched, audience-driven, and SEO-optimized content. I have written for a variety of clients and sectors: Tech, education, faith-based groups, and sports.

I enjoy working alongside my clients, listening to their stories and needs to make sure my content complements their marketing goals. Please check out some of my work below.


For Clients

Wisephone Origin Story: Q & A with Techless' Founder, Chris Kaspar - Techless

Chris Kaspar comes from a long line of visionary entrepreneurs. His great grandfather August Kaspar, sparked their family's business by designing and selling wire baskets made from scrap smooth wire when barbed wire was invented. Like his great grandfather, Chris is shaping something new.

Ingram's Karate
When a Karate Dojo Becomes "Home" | J. Hopkins Writing

When you think about a karate dojo, you may imagine a stereotype like Rex Kwon Do from the hilarious film Napoleon Dynamite. Bravado. Get tough. Tower over your students. "Bow to your sensei!" Though Rex in the film is the caricature of a domineering sensei, he also represents our culture's tendency towards power.

Addicted? Take This Tech Addiction Quiz - Techless

Tech addiction can be a serious problem in our life, but doesn't everyone struggle with it to some extent? Find out where you land on the "tech-addiction" spectrum in our quick online quiz!

A Pain in the Pandemic: What our Kids Need in Social Isolation - Techless

Our kids are home. They're bored. And screens have filled the vacuum. The other week I realized the reality of childhood boredom when two Texas state troopers rang my doorbell at 2 AM. "Sir, did you give anyone permission to drive your vehicle?" "No.” I was home, but my car was not. Keep in mind, I live in a small town in Texas, where everyone knows your name—and your car.

Animal Crossing: Being Human in an Island World 🏝️ - Techless

ACNH allows players to visit others islands so they can be "be inspired" by a friend's original creation. No two islands are identical, each one a microcosm of the player's individuality. During social isolation, ACNH has allowed kids, teens, and adults-yes, those big kids too-to form their own digital utopias within the reality of COVID-19 stress.

Kid Safe Phones & Boundaries: 5 Lessons Alexa Taught our Family - Techless

In my own life, I find support in my wife, my family, my mentors, and my church. When I am short on patience, there is always someone who has a greater store of it. When I am overwhelmed, there is someone else who can help me find balance. For all the challenges it may bring, parenting is a gift. We have the honor to guide our children as they mature and look toward the future.

The CSSN (inactive)
Collection from The CSSN

Covered local high school sports for the CSSN. Researched and wrote dozens of sports articles to recap games for the CSSN audience.

Faith-Based Writing

Scripture Sauce
5 Steps to a Restful Reading of the Bible

Today's post is a special edition, written with 🧡 for the Scripture Sauce family. True rest relies on a restful reading of the Scriptures. (Say that five times fast.) 🤣 The first edition of Scripture Sauce talked about delighting in God's Word, where we explored some awesome passages from Psalm 119.

Trinity New Life Church
Devotions for January 4, 2017 - Trinity New Life Church

Director of Writing for team of devotional writers at Trinity New Life Church. Using Slack and Notion, I implement a writing schedule with a team of 9 writers. We publish via WordPress, which is then sent out to hundreds of readers everyday via email campaign.

Scripture Sauce
Christian, Clothe Yourself with Compassion [+ Free eBook]

Paul uses clothing as a metaphor for casting off the old self and its evil desires and putting on Christ instead. Through Jesus you have been adopted into God's family. Though made in His image, you are being renovated back into that image through the power of Christ.

Trinity New Life Church
Devotions for May 14, 2020

PERSONAL REFLECTION Q: Why do you think Jesus uses flowers and birds in His illustration? Q: Which messages from our culture have you allowed to direct your worries? How can you redirect your heart to God’s character and faithfulness instead? Q: What does an overly anxious Church communicate to the world? Why do we need to be Gospel-focused?


Flying Falcon News

Photo by Hence-the-Boom By Tristan W. and Eli B. TAMPA, Fl - The Tampa Buccaneers beat the Denver Broncos 28-10 on Sunday in Denver, Co. The Bucs are all the rage this year. With the offseason signing... Written by: Lauren Hill As others are buying toilet paper and face masks, maybe you should be reaching for water, flashlights, and handheld radios.

Graphic Design & Photography

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