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My journalistic pursuits and adventurous spirit have taken me around the globe—rafting down the Ganges, hiking the jungle of Borneo and splashing around Earth's largest volcanic lake—only to land me in the most thrilling city in the world, New York. As an editor, I bring drive, passion and energy to every assignment and strive to craft thoughtful stories to engage readers. My writing, which focuses on travel, fashion, urban life, culture and lifestyle, has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Forbes, Thrillist, Huffington Post, Hopes & Fears, VegNews, Himal Southasian, StyleCaster, Jakarta Globe, Food Loves Beer,, Wanderland and more. Check out Where New York and IN New York magazines, or &, for my most current work. I'm always interested in exploring editorial opportunities, so please get in touch: jonimsweet AT


Pieces I'm (Extra) Proud Of

The Christian Science Monitor
Sri Lestari travels by motorcycle to bring an empowering message to disabled people

Traveling by modified motorcycle Sri Lestari rides around Indonesia giving disabled people new hope. Sri Lestari doesn't let her inability to walk diminish her drive. For example, in May the social worker for United Cerebral Palsy/Wheels for Humanity drove more than 750 miles from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital, to Ubud, on the island of Bali, on a campaign to empower disabled people.

Ithacan Lit; Food Loves Beer
A Sweet Spot

The winter wind howls outside. Gentle snow dances in the air, falling on the frozen earth below, and not even a drop from the 2010 maple harvest remains. Josh knows it must be that time again.

Neighborhood Guide: New York's Lower East Side

Old marries new in this downtown neighborhood, where the pushcart peddlers, densely packed tenements and vibrant immigrant culture of yesteryear still find their footing in a hot zone of experimental art, trendy boutiques and inventive restaurants. It's a place that plays with the past and present

12 Travel Destinations That Look Like They're From Another Planet

Have NASA's space tourism posters got you dreaming of hiking the canyons of Mars and gazing at the auroras of Jupiter? Don't get fitted for a spacesuit just yet - leisure space travel is still a long ways away from being available and affordable to the average human.

These People Have Seen What Feels Like the Entire World. Here Are Their Favorite Places.

When you've summited Everest, safaried the Serengeti, trekked the Amazon Rainforest, and done seemingly everything in between, it's nearly impossible to choose just one destination as your favorite. We challenged eight travel bloggers (who've racked up enough frequent flier miles to get to Pluto and back) to tell us about their favorite places on Earth.

Getaway Guide to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Between the charm of Old San Juan's candy-colored Spanish colonial buildings to the miles of pristine beaches with turquoise waves on the coast, there's a lot to love about Puerto Rico. Safe, relaxed and friendly, the island feels like continental America with a twist, making it a worthwhile des

New Yorkers' seven most common anxieties, illustrated

Most New Yorkers find their palms sweaty and hearts racing from time to time. From the careening taxis ignoring the pedestrian's right of way and the suffocating crowds of the subways, to the daunting challenges of work, dating and making friends in the big city, the sources of anxiety are seemingly endless in New York.

7 Charming Lighthouses You Can Actually Sleep In

Sure, you can photograph lighthouses from afar, but did you know you could actually stay in them, too? Once an experience only reserved for lighthouse keepers, rest assured, you won't be responsible for guiding ships at sea.

ClassPass Blog |
Here's What Happened When... I Only Took Morning Classes For a Month

Waking up early has never been a strength of mine. From scheduling only afternoon classes in college to convincing my boss to give me a later start time, I've always found ways to avoid that horrible pounding of the head, get-me-out-of-here syndrome I experience if the alarm blares before 8 a.m.

The 10 Best Museums Around the World for Fashion Lovers

Joni Sweet Scroll To See More Images While we can all agree that much of the excitement of travel is going out and seeing the sights-not to mention digging into that particular country's cuisine-there's also the chance to check out world-class museums geared specifically toward fashion lovers.

Which holidays are celebrated in cities around the world?

"Which holidays are celebrated in cities around the world?" (New york city, Japan, China, City index, Uk, Germany, India, Russia, Berlin, Moscow, Johannesburg, London, Los angeles, Tokyo, South africa, Beijing, Paid days off, Buenos aires, Mumbai, Christmas, Holidays, Diwali, Days off, Holiday season, Argentina) - Hopes&Fears. Hopes&Fears

Where to Find the Best Fitness Classes in New York City

"Hit the gym" might just be the most ubiquitous New Year's resolution. And though it's essential to get into that habit at home, travel is about trying new things. So, while you're in New York, why not hit up a class or two at these boutique fitness studios?

New York for Nightlife Lovers

Night owls flock to the city that never sleeps, where they find bustling bars, luxe lounges and crazy clubs. But nightlife here goes beyond imbibing into the worlds of comedy, music, burlesque and more. Get ready to party at the top nightlife destinations in New York City.

The Best NYC Travel Hacks You Need to Know

Contrary to popular belief, traveling to New York City doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. The savvy traveler can hop on the subway, snap a selfie from one of the highest points in the city (fancy cocktail in hand), and see a Broadway show for a fraction of the cost.

Himal Mag
Get lost!

The streets formed a maze, a web of confusion in Varanasi. My friend Julie and I had flown in from Delhi earlier that day and, after consulting my trusty Lonely Planet guidebook, were trying to find Ganga Fuji, a restaurant reputed for good food and live music.

People Profiles

The Jakarta Globe
How a Brief Bali Escape Changed One Woman's Life

What started as a brief holiday in Bali in 1984 ended up transforming Janet DeNeefe’s life. She fell in love, not only with a man she would marry five years later, but also with the community, culture and especially cuisine of the island oasis. Almost 30 years later, Janet proudly calls Ubud — where she runs a cooking school, a cafe, two restaurants, a popular guesthouse and the famed Ubud Writers and Readers Festival — her home.

On the Road With Don Wildman, Travel Channel's Mystery-Seeker

Part detective, part history buff and total traveler Don Wildman has learned a thing or two about being on the road, unearthing treasures from the vaults of the world's museums for TV show "Mysteries at the Museum." In anticipation of the premiere of the show's eighth season this Friday nigh

Food Loves Beer magazine
Mark of a Great Beer

Brewing isn't about making a buck. It’s about devoting decades to reviving and per­ fecting traditional styles for the American palate, while also infusing them with history.

VegNews magazine
What's in Your Fridge: Raw Vegan Trucker

WheN Asked Why he decided to ditch meat and dairy, 65-year-old dave conrardy summarizes his complex health situation with this simple explanation—“i was dying. that’s what made me go vegan.”

Where New York
Stephanie March Shares Her New York

This leading lady is taking the city by storm. She spent years fighting for justice as Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Cabot on Law & Order SVU. Now, she’s mak- ing the world more beauti- ful with her makeup studio, Rouge New York. The Texas-born, Chelsea dweller sheds light on her NYC life—and plans for global domination.

Fresh Dirt magazine
New Beginnings: Keeley's Cheese Co.

On production days, Keeley McGarr starts making cheese at 5:30 a.m. and doesn’t stop until just before noon. Call it the life of an artisan cheesemaker—and the life of a Finger Lakes farm girl who happily came home.

Travel, Culture & Lifestyle

IN New York magazine
Blow Your Mind

Spectacular art and experimental entertainment to spark all five senses.

How to Eat Healthier Without Spending All Your Money

Shutterstock With pizza, burgers, and junk food easily ordered at the click of a button, it's no wonder we find ourselves with the dual problem of high food costs and low-nutrition diets. But if you're looking to break the delivery habit, dietitians have shared their insider tips on eating healthy while spending no money.

NYC Neighborhood Guide: Washington Heights

Locals love it for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful Hudson River views, but travelers are now venturing to this uptown area to take in historic sites, nosh on Latin-American fritters, see live entertainment and relish the mild weather in lush parks.The expansive neighborhood where George Washing

ClassPass Blog |
7 Ways to Become More Naturally Optimistic

Negativity feels (literally) like a weight on our shoulders, holding us down from reaching our goals and becoming our best selves. It's a defense mechanism, used to ease the blow in case the results of our efforts fail to meet our expectations.

The Jakarta Globe
Raw, Natural Renewal in Bali

a trip to Bali’s Fivelements resort in Mam- bal, just outside of Ubud, taught me that a weekend getaway can continue to nur- ture for more than just a few days if we consider it a retreat; a time to relax, con- template in solitude, detoxify the body and ease the tensions of life.

Where New York
Day Trip to DUMBO, Brooklyn

Wander Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, where indie bookstores, haute boutiques and spectacular city vistas make for an artsy chic experience.

IN New York/Where Guestbook
Weightless Wellness

Float and fly your way to the best health of your life in the Big Apple’s innovative fitness adventures and therapeutic spa treatments. Go ahead—defy gravity.

The Jakarta Globe
Soothe Yourself in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua, Bali, was developed as a prime destination for exclusive Western resorts under the New Order, leading to criticisms of it as “sterile.” But the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa, one of the oldest resorts in the area, has made it a point to combine Balinese art and hospitality with five-star lodging and food, adding splashes of heritage to a luxurious experience

Immerse Yourself in Edgy NYC Theater

At edgy productions in New York, theatergoers not only watch the show-they become part of it. Here are four immersions you must experience.* With just 15 audience members per show, Then She Fell thrusts visitors into the mad wonderland of Lewis Carroll and his writings. Guests wander around

Where New York
10 Old New York Gems

In a city constantly erecting new structures, there’s something magical about the old—elegant estates and mansions, along with the socialites and wealthy merchants who lived there.

The Jakarta Globe
Social Change Begins With Us - The Jakarta Globe

If there's one way third-grade teacher Erin Michelle Threlfall's lessons have paid off, it's in the way her students have put into action their self-made mantra: "Do something awesome every day." For Threlfall, doing something awesome meant standing up in front of more than 300 people at TEDxUbud on Saturday and sharing her experience turning ...

The Jakarta Globe
Sigur Ros Takes Jakartans on Soulful, Spiritual Journey - The Jakarta Globe

Icelandic post rock band Sigur Ros lived up to its reputation as a must-see live act during a performance at Istora Senayan in Jakarta on May 10, bringing its haunting sounds to life with dramatic lighting and experimental visuals. The trio transformed into a 12-member mini orchestra on stage - complete with brass horns, a ...

Where New York
Day Trip to Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Check out Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhood, which has evolved from its industrial roots into a thriving cultural center with edgy entertainment.

Where New York
Bird Fever

Visitors fly in from far and wide to soak up spring in NYC. But humans aren’t the only ones eager for a bite of the big apple—dozens of species of birds flock to central Park in april, making it one of the best places for observation in North America. With avian-inspired art and arboreal grounds in full bloom, the city has come down with a case of bird fever. And things are just heating up.

Day Trip to Flushing, Queens

When traveling to New York, make a stop to Flushing, Queens to experience the home base of the Mets through with multicultural cuisine, artsy institutions and artifacts from the 1964 World's Fair.Memory WalkRelics from two 20th-century World's Fairs stand in all their fading glory at Flushing Me

Where New York
Culture on the Rocks

Is it just a coincidence that most museums shut their doors just as happy hour kicks off?
Vegan in Upstate NY

With sanctuaries and vegan food in abundance, there's no better time to head to upstate New York for magnificent mountain views and thriving cultural communities.

Where New York
Day Trip to Staten Island

Climb aboard the ferry to this island, where gardens in bloom, historic architecture and cultural attractions galore awaken NYC’s sleepy suburban borough.

Style, Shopping & Beauty

IN New York
Spring Trending

The hottest trends in fashion, menswear and accessories for spring 2015.

Where New York
Treasure Trove of Gifts

America’s best shopping city has the most fantastic gifts for the holidays. We take you behind the glittering, manicured windows to find perfect treasures for every personality on your list.

ClassPass Blog |
Mascara Running? 4 Make-Up Hacks for Post-Class

You power through a bootcamp or spin class, rush to the locker room for a quick shower, then primp away the post-workout red face before heading to the office or going out with friends.

Where New York
Splash of Sun

Whether you’re picnicking in Central Park, strolling the Coney Island boardwalk or tanning on a city rooftop, let your style shine by slipping on one (or more!) of these accessories.

Shop for a Cause: War Bomb Jewelry

Designer Elizabeth Suda promotes peace by turning war scrap metal from Laos, the most heavily bombed country per capita, into luxe jewelry. The charismatic philanthropist left her corporate job at Coach a few years ago, before landing in Southeast Asia, where she discovered evidence of the "Secret

SoHo Salon Brings Hollywood Makeup to the Masses

What do you get when an actress and a makeup artist become BFFs on set and want to offer the experience that brought them together to all women? A concept salon where ladies (and even guys!)

Where New York
Q&A: Shopping Superstar

With clients from around the globe, personal shopper Roxanne Hauldren creates custom tours that of- fer exclusive access to designer showrooms, sample sales and boutiques through her company, Shop With Rox.

Where New York
Pumped Up

The Brooklyn Museum kicks off a new high-heels exhibition this month, so we’re celebrating with a guide to this season’s wildest footwear.

Where New York
Gift Guide: Treat Yourself

It’s time to celebrate in style, to indulge in an extra cocktail and to dream of epic adventures. Here are a few of this shopping editor’s favorite items for just those moments.

Uncorked Kitchen in Englewood, CO

As the first interactive dining experience in Denver, Colorado, Uncorked Kitchen turns dinner into an adventure with adult cooking classes.

Where New York
Splash Gear

it’s scorching hot out, but don’t sweat it. you can stay cool by stocking up on sPF and the most effortless fashion finds of the season so your style will sizzle all summer long.