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The Telegraph

Meet Toshio Tanahashi, the veg whisperer who'll bring peace to your kitchen and leave you feeling...

When I visit any country, the first thing I do is go to market to say hello to the vegetables,' says Japanese chef Toshio Tanahashi. He's not joking. 'It's very important. More...


donald trump has won the us election

By Johanna Derry GETTY The world has been watching and finally the results are in. In a strip-lit room in west Philadelphia I watched, large gin and tonic in hand, as the polls,...

VICE Sports

The Amputee Rowers Who Conquered the Atlantic | VICE Sports

Four men sit in a rowing boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. They look very insignificant amid the vastness of the sea, and appear to be making no progress whatsoever....

the Guardian

The free-from restaurant boom that's cashing in by stripping back

Remember when vegetarian restaurants were a novelty? Or even vegan restaurants? Now it's barely worth noting when there are so many other free-from options to trumpet. From...

the Guardian

The foodie traveller ... on the revival of Native American cuisine in Minneapolis

Travel across the US and the cuisine doesn't change much from state to state. It has a reputation for being sodium-filled, sweetened and glutenous (though, arguably, delicious)...


Fat of the land: why the nation can't get enough of home-made butter

Smeared on crumpets, melted over new potatoes and baked into biscuits, nothing beats butter. Its deliciousness is undisputed, so recent research into its health benefits -...


Why You Should Be Microwaving Your Negronis

"More people are cooking exciting things and having a go with food. I want it to be the same for drinks," says London bartender Ryan Chetiyawardana.

The Gannet

The Convivial Kitchen | The Gannet

E láte na fáte mazí mas is an expression of hospitality in Greek: it means "come eat with us". It also lends itself nicely to the name of a unique roaming restaurant which first...

the Guardian

Unstoppable rise of protein: the trendy nutrient that's taking over menus

Protein boxes. Protein shakes. Protein waffles, pancakes, salads. Not since the Atkins Diet has protein been so idolised. Like the comeback of a well-loved boy band, the...


Seventies food is back in fashion

If this series of The Great British Bake Of f is anything to go by, the Seventies are back. Not with flares and big prints, but vol-au-vents, black forest gateau, and arctic...


Eight Generations of Fishing Knowledge Made This Crab Salad

Every summer, decades-old fishing families in the Norfolk town of Cromer catch and prepare what they say is the UK's best crab.

the Guardian

Comfort soups: nostalgia in a bowl or magic medicine?

There's a chill in the air, the usual coughs and colds have started to make the rounds, the scarves are out and the idea of salad for lunch is a long-distant memory. Celebrate...

the Guardian

From freekeh to teff: five ancient grains you could add to your larder

Whether its teff or freekeh or something else completely unpronounceable, announcements of the "new quinoa" keep coming so thick and fast, it can be hard to keep up with how to...

Audi Magazine

The Island Spirit

the Guardian

Pheromone parties: one way to sniff out a new lover

When most new romances seem to be sparked online and on your phone, could Pheromone Parties, an LA dating craze, provide the perfect antidote? Sleep in a T-shirt for three days,...

Financial Times

First Person: Jenny Dawson -

One night - I remember it was absolutely freezing - I decided I would get up at 4am and cycle to New Covent Garden Market at Battersea to have a look. It was amazing: this air...