Jo Faragher

Business journalist and editor

I am a business journalist and editor of 20 years.

My specialism is HR and employment. I am a regular contributor to HR titles Personnel Today and People Management, and have also written features for the Financial Times, and supplements for The Times and The Guardian.

I also write on general business issues such as corporate culture, achieving growth, choosing technology and data protection/privacy.

I am experienced in corporate copywriting, having worked on case studies and promotional reports for business clients.

I can work in a variety of media - I have produced articles for both print and online publications, helped clients with corporate blogging, used content management platforms such as WordPress and conducted video interviews.

During my career I have enjoyed staff roles at the Times Educational Supplement, Personnel Today, Recruiter magazine, Information Age and Computer Business Review.

I've commissioned and written features on technology, recruitment, employment issues and education.

Contact me at [email protected] or 07766 685873.

United Kingdom


First Voice (Federation of Small Businesses Magazine)

First Voice magazine

How you can tackle the problem of late payment

Late payment isn't just a headache for small businesses, it can put the brakes on economic growth. According to an FSB investigation into the impact of poor payment practices,...

First Voice magazine

Why it's time to take cyber-criminals more seriously

Small firms are increasingly finding themselves the targets of cyber-criminals, who see them as easy and unsuspecting targets. It's time to take the online threat more...

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How to hire the staff you need

After the dark days of the economic downturn, many small businesses are now back in expansion mode. The problem is, so are many others, including larger rivals which are capable...

People Management: membership magazine for the CIPD (may require membership log-in)

People Management

See you in court

Not understanding employment law can be expensive - but fortunately, People Management has mined case law and the personal experiences of the country's finest legal minds to...

People Management

Have executive headhunters had their day?

Anyone can locate top talent with the help of technology - but that doesn't mean in-house recruitment of executives is easy On paper, it sounds like the ultimate in rhetorical...

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Show me the money

Hard cash doesn't motivate us to work harder. Isn't it time we looked again at the way we reward people, whether that means greater democracy, less inequality or full salary...

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How to bring neuroscience to life

The potential for using neuroscientific principles in learning has been well-established in recent years. But applying them in the workplace means organisations need to bridge...

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When corporate culture goes disastrously wrong

When corporate culture goes disastrously wrong, HR holds the key to patching things up. Let People Management’s experts show you how… When five former News of the World...

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Get the leader you deserve

If command and control doesn’t cut it any more, how can HR ensure the face at the top is the right fit for the organisation? Charismatic leaders, consensual leaders, directive...

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Meet your next executive assistant

Why new technology and broader horizons are rewriting the rules of global recruitment.

People Management

What makes an employee?

Why a raft of new contracts means the legal status of staff isn’t as clear-cut as you think When you’re looking for guidance on employment law, the famous ‘gentlemen’s club’...

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Psychometrics: the stark truth

Derided as out of date, psychometrics are still valued by many as development tools. Should we really write them off? The grim story of Paul Flowers, the minister who chaired...

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Five cutting edge L&D ideas that just might work

Ideas from the front line of learning, explained by the experts 1 Collaborative learning “Social learning is about supporting communities to come together, work together and...

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The five most difficult workplace conversations

The five most difficult conversations you might have as an HR professionals, and how to handle them

People Management

Have we stopped caring about diversity?

When it comes to diversity, if the question you're asking is whether you're hitting your targets, you're probably already getting it wrong. A box-ticking approach to diversity...

People Management

Private companies masquerading as Acas, warns barrister

Commercial employment advice services are misleading employers into thinking they are dealing with Acas, according to a leading barrister. A number of smaller employers have...

People Management

SMES: How to cope with pensions auto-enrolment

We asked experts how best to avoid a meltdown when smaller companies come on board in 2014 "We're all in," chorus the happy employees on the adverts. And if you judge...

People Management

The five ages of reward: tailoring benefits to life stages

One-size-fits-all benefits are yesterday's story. Tailor your reward to what employees need at every stage of their career When IKEA decided to reshape its benefits offering...