Jenna Anderson

Fall 2018 J1 Student

Location icon United States

I took the class 21st century journalism for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is I really want to be apart of year book and this class helped me prepare for that. I also really enjoy writing and creating news stories.
I can use what I learned in this class in my future of being on the yearbook committee. I now have knowledge on how to work certain components on the computer and how to correctly write a news story. It has also helped me in other classes such as ELA.
I loved everything about this class. It was a lot of hard work, but it pushed me to be a better writer. I don't think anything should be changed next year.


Journalism Basics

Journalism basics
Law & Ethics/ Shattered Glass/ first amendment follow-up & quiz

-The Law and Ethics assignment was very difficult. It was extremely time consuming and I was not interested in the topic. However, I did learn a lot of things that I did not know previously. -We watched Shattered Glass during class and it was very interesting and informational. It was about a newspaper journalist and his adventure in the news paper business. -The First amendment follow up assignment was based off of my opinion. We wrote down our thoughts about the topic then we got to...

Journalism Basics
AP Style Quizzes/Newsworthiness

-We took these AP style quizzes every Friday. The quizzes taught me proper grammar, spelling for certain words, abbreviations and many more. The things I learned from these quizzes helped me in other classes. -The newsworthiness assignment taught me which stories were newsworthy and which one were not. We read a story and decided if it was worthy or not then explained why or why not. -


news story and design

The story part of this assignment taught me how to transform interview answers into a story. It was the first story we wrote where we had to find our own thing to write about. It taught me to choose a story that was newsworthy and how to make the story interesting. The design part of it was mostly following instructions. It was important not to miss a step and format the story correctly.

1 in 1600 story and design

The 1 in 1600 assignment was very fun. I loved being able to interview and take pictures of Reese. I liked how it all came together in the end with the images and the captions. It challenged me to get all my stuff done in time and follow directions when putting it together. I learned that every detail is important when writing a story for journalism.

Hacker Story/Leads/Using Quotes/Headlines

-The hacker story was the very first story that we wrote. I learned how to properly format a story for journalism. I learned to do intro, quote, transition repeat. -The leads assignment taught me many things. It is very important to have a strong lead in a story to get the readers attention. This assignment let me practice many different ways to write a lead. -When writing a story you have to attribute a lot. This assignment helped me with where my attributions are supposed to be and also...


Pancake Perfections

I really enjoyed the pancake perfection assignment. The list of directions was very long and challenging. I learned a lot of stuff about indesign and where everything was. It helped me when making future indesign projects.


-In my opinion this was one of the hardest assignment we did all year. We learned how to trace pictures of things. The rubric gave us a lot of freedom and we had to be creative but, there was not enough class time for me to get it finished to the best of my ability.

Pathfinder/Typography/Dissecting design and typography

-I learned a lot of things when doing the pathfinder assignment. I loved finding creative ways to copy all the shapes and it taught me how to use the path finder tool. - The typography paper was my favorite assignment we did all year. I loved how we had the freedom to choose our own words and make them look really cool. It was not a very hard assignment but it was time consuming but fun to do! - This assignment showed me that there are many different ways to make your story look different....



-I though this assignment was very easy. Making a picture darker, lighter or cropping to is not hard at all. In the beginning in was sort of challenging because I did not know where any of the controls were but towards the end it was very simple.