Jonathan Stewart

The Four Keynote Speakers of the Apocalypse - JLA

The end is nigh, sort of. That's the general vibe, at least, of the headlines. Robots are coming for our jobs, a certain somebody keeps playing chicken with North Korea, and those darn Millennials continue to murder perfectly innocent industries.

Think Productive UK
Building Resilience

Life isn't always a smooth ride. Regardless of circumstance, everybody comes up against problems at some point. Time management training can help if you're feeling overwhelmed by too much at once, but what if things have just gone wrong, and it's something beyond your control?

Vox Nature
Three Shortcuts to a Good Night's Sleep

We all need sleep. In fact, experts on the subject are now saying that sleep might just be the most important factor when it comes to mental and physical health, and the quality of the time you spend awake. If you don't get enough of it, you'll find yourself zombified, unproductive, more emotional than usual and-in some cases-overweight.

Self Improvement Blog
Five Ways To Present Like A Professional - Self Improvement

Oh, God. You've been asked to do a presentation, and you can't really say no (although that's what you're screaming in your head, isn't it?) because your boss has already moved onto the next point on the agenda. You want to be able to present like a professional.

Insurance Commentary
Retaining Millennials | Insurance Commentary

Before the robots devour civilization from the inside out and hook us all up to a virtual reality utopia, the millennials are going to make their mark on business. In fact, by 2030, millennials (that's people currently aged between 18 and 31) will make up 75% of the workforce.

We Want Science
The Golden Rules of Habit Breaking

Do you ever find yourself staring at the ceiling at night, making a list of all the nasty habits you have? You swear too much; you can't stop biting your nails; you're constantly checking your phone while other people are talking to you. You toss and you turn as your flaws continue their parade...

Big in a Wig - Maisie Trollette

Sharp-witted doyenne of the stage, legend of the party circuit and owner of the most powerful voice around, Maisie Trollette is nothing less than drag royalty.

Stepping Out

We all remember that exciting, nerve-racking night when we made our debut on the scene. So what was it like for you, the first time you walked through the door of a gay venue?