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Jess Morton

Equestrian Writer | Destination Marketing Specialist

Location icon Italy

Let’s grow your traffic, convert your leads and turn your visitors into customers together.

I can help with:
- Design and implementation of marketing strategies aligned with your business targets.
- Developing digital campaigns to increase web traffic.
- Development of brand awareness and online reputation.
- Content strategy and writing.
- SEO and generation of inbound traffic.
- Cultivation of leads and sales.

Cloud Object storage | Cynny Space

Public, hybrid or private cloud object storage solution, the first ever based on ARM ® . GDPR compliant, S3 compatible APIs and Block storage access

Ancient Roman food traditions: what did they eat and drink?

Ancient Rome's mysterious history has long captivated archaeologists and tourists alike. The Roman Empire, at its pinnacle, was the most wide-ranging political and social structure in western civilization. Ancient Roman Food was imported from all around the empire to feed the mass population; the diet and eating habits were dictated by social status.

Learn more about a new app for the equestrian business

Kovo Kovo is a mobile platform that helps to extract value from the information you collect everyday. Working closely with your practice management system, Kovo makes it really easy to capture and share medical- grade information about a horse. Get the right information. Connect to the right people. All using your phone.

Castellare di Tonda
Farmhouses & Resort Spa in Tuscany | Castellare di Tonda

Castellare di Tonda, resort spa in Tuscany, is delighted to be open and to welcome its guests in twelve tastefully redecorated buildings of perfect ancient Tuscan tradition. The splendid property features 280 hectares, which once belonged to the noble Strozzi family. Castellare di Tonda has 12 farmhouses located over 900 acres; each farmstead is divided into different sized apartments.

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