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Jess Morton

Writer for hire

Location icon Italy

An avid equestrian and certified guide based in Tuscany.

By day I work as an event manager for a wine estate, by night I write articles and online content for the wine, tourism and equestrian sectors.

Whether you need a freelance journalist to write an article to submit to a publication, some help to cover workloads during peak times, or a regular contributor, I can help with your written content needs.

Life In Lockdown: The View From Italy During COVID-19

It's been more than two weeks since Italy was put in quarantine to contain the world's deadliest coronavirus outbreak. It's an experience that I would compare to living through a war. But in this case, the war is a virus, and we can't fight it ...

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The Italian Cowboys of Tuscany

The Butteri are Italian cowboys who for centuries have roamed the marshes of the Maremma in Southern Tuscany and Northern Lazio. Feature published in the November 2019 Magazine.

Organic Wine: A Step Beyond Convention

Ghostwritten Piece: These are good days to be an organic wine. After decades of being dwarfed by traditional producers, now organic, natural, and biodynamic wines are filling up cellars nationwide. People are caring more and more about the food they're putting into their bodies, the ingredients they're putting on their skin, and the origin of the wine they're drinking.

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Sip Sip Hooray: The Ultimate Wine Tasting Party Guide

Ghostwritten Piece: As a wine lover, hosting a wine tasting party is one of the more creative ways to share your passion with friends, try new wines, and improve your palate. Use this guide to learn how to create a fun and memorable experience.

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Black Beauties

Galloping astride a fit Friesian horse, with waves crashing beside you, it really is just as incredible as you imagine it would be! Feature article published in February Magazine edition.

Taiwanese Wine Industry Insider | Wine Market Analysis

There's an awful lot to like about the small island nation of Taiwan. Positioned 180 km east of China, with a population of approximately 23 million, Taiwan is an important and growing market for wine. Taiwan is among the top five wine markets in Asia, with Euromonitor expecting Taiwan's wine consumption to increase steadily in the coming years, surpassing 25 million litres in 2021.

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How to organise the best blind tasting

It is a great idea to decide on a theme for your blind tasting. This can be based on wine regions, wine colors, vintages or even grape types. Be sure to establish a price range of the bottles and to determine how many bottles each participant should bring. If you have a trusted wine shop with clued-up staff, you can even have them hand-pick the wines for you!

Ancient Roman food traditions: what did they eat and drink?

Ghostwritten Piece: Ancient Rome's mysterious history has long captivated archaeologists and tourists alike. The Roman Empire, at its pinnacle, was the most wide-ranging political and social structure in western civilization. Ancient Roman Food was imported from all around the empire to feed the mass population; the diet and eating habits were dictated by social status.

South Korean Wine Industry Insider Report and Key Trends

South Korea has come a long way in the past 50 years. Although the wine market has gained a lot of traction compared to traditional choices like soju, consumers in South Korea are still a bit cautious when purchasing wine. But, is this now changing?

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