Jessie Connor

Open Source Research Analyst and Writer


Jessie Connor is a passionate writer and researcher from Brisbane, contributor for several business, tech and lifestyle blogs, hooked on yoga and healthy living. She loves to spend her free time travelling, reading and of course – shopping!

Great ASP
SEO Trends To Rank Your Website in 2021 - Great ASP

SEO is an important part in any digital marketing strategy. No matter if you are trying to increase brand awareness, sell a product or gather more leads. It will surely bring more organic traffic to your website and increase your site's visibility in the Search Engine Results Pages.

4 Points to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

In today's competitive online world, it is essential to have a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy. Regardless of your niche, or the size of your company, high-quality digital marketing is arguably the most efficient way to grow your business. It is easier said than done, however.

WebStores Ltd
6 Powerful Ecommerce Statistics That Will Guide Your Strategy in 2021 - WebStores Ltd

Guest post by Jessie Connor In today's world, with major online stores like Amazon and eBay with their millions and millions of items, it can be difficult for smaller ecommerce stores to find their place under the sun. The six ecommerce statistics below will help you create a robust strategy and make your online store [...]

C. Wordsworth
5 mobile app trends to look out for in 2021

Today, the world of mobile apps has grown and evolved beyond our expectations. Aside from all the entertainment apps, people can nowadays do so much more with their smart devices. Also, with modern tech constantly growing, it's safe to assume that the mobile app trend will only continue to develop.

9 Steps to Assess Whether a Startup is Suitable for Investment - ReadWrite

In the world of investing, there are numerous investment opportunities from which you can choose. The market is saturated so you will most certainly find a suitable investment opportunity that will match both your investing style and preferences. But your question will be about how to assess whether a startup is suitable for investment.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Forex Brokers - Digiperform

The forex market has advanced drastically in recent years. Long gone are the days when you had to be a billionaire to trade the foreign exchange market. Nowadays, you can enter the world of forex with as little as $500. What's more, you can start trading from the comfort of your home.

Legal Reader
Forex Regulation, Protection and Trading Strategies - Legal Reader

Regulation tells you that the online brokerage firm you trade with fulfills all the requirements needed for trust. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the global economy. As such, governments around the world can have a hard time imposing regulation on FX trading.

3 Ways Boosting Your Happiness Will Improve Your Finances

It's a fairly common belief that if we had more money, we would be happier. It's so commonly believed, in fact, that there's a very popular counter-argument, "Money doesn't buy happiness." Studies have shown that up to a certain, moderate income, having enough money to cover essential bills and to not have to worry about [...]