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My Grandmother Survived the Holocaust, So Why Do I Feel Guilty?

My Grandmother Survived the Holocaust, So Why Do I Feel Guilty? My grandmother's ovarian cancer is back, the second time in as many years. She's undergoing the same carousel of chemo, of invasive doctor's appointments and chronic discomfort. The outlook is good - she'll live to Christmas, and probably beyond. Until it returns again.


Tooting's got a lot going for it - and, like the smart, slightly-nerdy girl in school, not that many people have noticed yet. It hasn't attracted the kind of white-hot hype of other gentrifying neighbourhoods like Peckham; it's just doing its thing, welcoming in low-key new restaurants and bars alongside longstanding independent spots.


How do you even tame a beast like Peckham? Dubbed 'the new Dalston' by busybodies and lo-fi house DJs, London's latest poster child for gentrification has enough enticing food spots, lively bars, and cool cultural spaces to overwhelm even seasoned city explorers like us.

Winter Jaunts

Winter in London can be a drag. After the Christmas lights burn out and the polymer snow melts away, all we're left with is tinnitus from off-key Christmas carolling and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Get ahead of the post-Yule blues by plotting a weekend jaunt to one of these cosy, wholesome, winter-friendly destinations - all within easy(ish) reach of the Big Smoke.
Uprooting the sabra: Israel's unwelcoming relationship to new immigrants

The anatomy of the sabra plant, with a thick and prickly skin that conceals a delicate and sweet interior, is said to represent the impervious gruffness of native Israelis. The story goes: once you penetrate the prickly exterior of an Israeli, they are exorbitantly generous, welcoming, amiable.

A culture of memes and private suffering: Mental health in Canadian universities

The media periodically proclaims that the mental health of university students is in bad shape. Maclean's declared in a 2012 article that the mental health of postsecondary students has reached "crisis mode." Although it is widely known that suicide is one of the leading causes of death in Canadians aged 10 to 24, there seems to be a culture of acceptance surrounding mental illness in universities.

Wellness Weekly: 18-24 September

Fitness is an investment - you didn't spend £100 on that Lululemon yoga suit for it to collect dust in your closet, did you? Put your hard-earned spend where your mouth is and splash out on some luxe wellness activities that'll have you feeling like the yummy mummy you secretly wish you were - yeah boys, you too.

Bank Holiday Getaways

Something occurred to us recently: there is so much to see on this small island nation we call the United Kingdom. Seriously, the range of heart-stopping landscapes all within four hours of London is staggering: rocky cliffs, unspoilt beaches, regal mountains, quiet forests, green hills.

Dating 101: 10-16 October

So every time you open your Facebook feed it looks like an Ellis Bridals catalogue, riddled with toothy wedding parties ushering some poor souls into ever after. You convince yourself you're above it all, you're 'married to your career', you're so young, you have time yet. But...

The Main
The Tastemakers: Ian Sternthal | The Main

Ian Sternthal is showing us around the bright, airy displays of the Sternthal Books pop-up shop at Espace Pop. He picks up an eye-popping, colour-drenched book - Jericho Moon - and holds it out in front of us. "I love this one," he says, flipping eagerly through the glossy pages.

The Main
The Tastemakers: Noah Bick | The Main

Noah Bick has been a fixture at Montreal indie shows for over eight years. You've seen him hanging out at The Luyas, ripping tickets at How Sad, running the show at Miracle Fortress - now he's taking things a little further. We met Noah Bick on a damp evening at Notre Dame des Quilles, a...