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Jeremy Burnham is the education reporter for the Walla Wallaby's Union-Bulletin. He recently worked as a reporter for the Ritzville Journal and Davenport Times. He also briefly ran both papers as the interim editor. Before that, he graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Journalism. During the 2018/19 school year, he was the managing editor of The Easterner, EWU's student newspaper. Jeremy spent the summer of 2018 working as an intern reporter for Spokane Public Radio.

Contact Jeremy at [email protected]

Changes Coming to The House of Charity

Changes are coming to homeless shelters in Spokane. The city and charitable organizations are exploring new strategies to address homelessness. The House of Charity, Spokane's largest shelter, will reduce the number of people it sleeps, beginning Sept. 1. Those beds won't be replaced until the city opens a new shelter in nine months or so.

Food Insecurity At Eastern Washington University

Many students attending American colleges and universities are chronically hungry. NPR reported on that in January, citing a government report that looked at 31 studies. It estimated that a third of college students regularly don't get enough to eat. Those numbers are similar to the situation at Eastern Washington University, where students are taking finals.

EWU Students Help AP Gather Results on Election Night

Election night is Tuesday. People across the country will be tuning in on TV to watch the live results come in. But where do these results come from? The answer is a little closer to home than you may realize.
Columbia County weighs new criminal justice building

DAYTON - Last year, newly appointed Columbia County Commissioner Ryan Rundell joined Sheriff Joe Helm, County Prosecutor Dale Slack and Enhanced 911 Director Ashley Strickland in Florida for a workshop on criminal justice buildings. There, they confirmed with others what they had already known themselves: The county's infrastructure is simply inadequate to meet today's needs.
Walla Walla schools' move to 'Red Stage' means special needs children will learn from home

After a day of running her own business and caring for her 3-year-old son, Eliza Van De Rostyne sits down with her 13-year-old vision-impaired daughter, Aiden, to help her access her online band class using her Chromebook. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned parents everywhere into tutors or part-time teachers while schools attempt to provide a complete education from a distance.

The Ritzville Adams County Journal
'AKA The Girls' to start six-month hike

Married Ritzville couple Kris Lennon and Shari Parkinson, known to friends and family as 'AKA The Girls,' have always wanted to go on adventures together. They moved here from Hawaii 12 years ago and planned on seeing some national parks and exploring the Northwest.

The Ritzville Adams County Journal
Kuest guilty of first-degree rape

RITZVILLE - A jury in Adams County Superior Court has found Ritzville man Michael Anthony Kuest, 27, guilty of first-degree rape with a deliberately cruel aggravator, two counts of second-degree assault and one count of witness tampering. Kuest will be sentenced March 2; he's facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

The Ritzville Adams County Journal
Quiet zone meeting gets heated

By Jeremy Burnham The Journal RITZVILLE - Every seat was filled and some residents stood as more than 30 people squeezed into City Hall for a public meeting on turning the city into a train quiet zone last Thursday. The meeting was called for by Mayor Gary Cook, who said the purpose was to give everyone a chance to be heard.

The Easterner
Chess club continues to expand

Senior Raymond Shiner grew up playing chess. When he came to EWU, he expected to find a chess club on campus. It was an expectation that would not be met. "Chess is a staple at most universities," said Shiner. "When I got here, I was looking around for a chess club and there wasn't one."...

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