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Jeremy Burnham

Reporter, Ritzville Journal

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Jeremy Burnham is a reporter for the Ritzville Journal. He recently graduated from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Journalism. During the 2018/19 school year, he was the managing editor of The Easterner, EWU's student newspaper. Jeremy spent the summer of 2018 working as an intern reporter for Spokane Public Radio.

Contact Jeremy at [email protected]

The Easterner
Grievance denied: Key Baker's ASEWU election victory stands

The ASEWU elections were almost two weeks ago, but the battle to become president continued Tuesday. Reilly Responte, having lost in the polls to Key Baker by 11 votes, took his fight to the courts, asking the ASEWU election board to overturn the vote of the student body.

The Easterner
Key Baker wins ASEWU presidential race by 11 votes

Editor's note: This story has been updated on May 3 to clarify that Gaige Baisch was not in Greek Life during his campaign to become ASEWU president in 2017. In a dramatic come-from-behind victory, junior and former EWU women's basketball player Key Baker won the ASEWU presidential election by 11 votes over Reilly Responte last...

The Easterner
Key Baker and Reilly Responte face off in race for presidency

The race to become the ASEWU president is down to Key Baker and Reilly Responte after voters eliminated Alaa Almohammed in the primary elections. The general elections are this week. Baker and Responte allowed voters to get to know them a little better by taking part in the ASEWU candidate debates last week.

Changes Coming to The House of Charity

Changes are coming to homeless shelters in Spokane. The city and charitable organizations are exploring new strategies to address homelessness. The House of Charity, Spokane's largest shelter, will reduce the number of people it sleeps, beginning Sept. 1. Those beds won't be replaced until the city opens a new shelter in nine months or so.

Best of SNO
Northwest Boulevard turns exclusively digital

An EWU student publication is saying goodbye to its main product: its print edition. And no, the publication is not The Easterner. Northwest Boulevard has been an outlet for the artistic voices of EWU students since 1994. The student-led journal briefly stopped publishing in the late 1990s before returning in 2001, and it has published...

Best of SNO
ASEWU President Dante Tyler settles into new role

With the first two weeks of school finished, many students are settling into their new classes. One such student is senior Dante Tyler. However, new classes aren't the only thing Tyler is adjusting to. He is also entering his final year as a thrower on the EWU track and field team and is starting a...

Food Insecurity At Eastern Washington University

Many students attending American colleges and universities are chronically hungry. NPR reported on that in January, citing a government report that looked at 31 studies. It estimated that a third of college students regularly don't get enough to eat. Those numbers are similar to the situation at Eastern Washington University, where students are taking finals.

EWU Students Help AP Gather Results on Election Night

Election night is Tuesday. People across the country will be tuning in on TV to watch the live results come in. But where do these results come from? The answer is a little closer to home than you may realize.

The Easterner
Chess club continues to expand

Senior Raymond Shiner grew up playing chess. When he came to EWU, he expected to find a chess club on campus. It was an expectation that would not be met. "Chess is a staple at most universities," said Shiner. "When I got here, I was looking around for a chess club and there wasn't one."...

The Easterner
Delaney Hodgins breaks scoring record, steals family bragging rights

On Feb. 20, 2016, EWU women's basketball head coach Wendy Schuller watched as her star player, Hayley Hodgins, broke the school's career scoring record. The game was stopped, and the team celebrated. Play then resumed, and EWU walked away with a 70-57 victory over Portland State. Two years later, history repeated itself.

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