Joydeep Bose

Trainee Journalist, The Asian College of Journalism

Location icon India

Philology enthusiast, Hiragana novice, and totem collector. Alumnus at SXC Kolkata, currently at ACJ Chennai. Former editorial at the Kolkata International Film Festival. Loves cinema, dislikes cinephiles.

The Asian College of Journalism
Covering Deprivation

A special 36-page broadsheet produced entirely by students of Print Journalism. Was extensively involved in content curation and designing for the pages dedicated to Wayanad, Kerala (Pgs. 32-35). Penned three human interest reports in these pages — 'The Dog Who Waited' (Pg. 32), 'Deluge Can't Drown Faith' (Pg. 32), 'Dishes and Debate Aplenty' (Pg. 34), and a long-form environmental report 'Violated nature settles a score with man' (Pg. 34). Page designer for the entirety of Page 34, and part...

The Asian College of Journalism
The Word

Weekly lab journal of ACJ. March 29, 2019 Edition. Penned the news report 'Row over mall in park' on Page 1 and the article 'Tragedies and endings' on Page 4, a theatre review of Sophocles' Antigone. Designed the entirety of Page 4 and was involved in curating content for the rest of the journal.