Jason Shattuck

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

United States

Freudian fan - mental health professional - freestyle BMX enthusiast

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While studying at Westfield State, Jason Shattuck was introduced to Sigmund Freud. Quickly, he found himself fascinated with Freudian ideas. Today, Shattuck fosters his fascination with other fans of Freud on social media. His Facebook Group, "Inside Freud's Consulting Room" is home to thought-provoking discussion on a multitude of Freudian ideas.

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You are here: Home / Health & Wellness / Jason Shattuck Jason Shattuck Jason Shattuck is a professional in the mental health field. Intrigued by the science of the mind, Shattuck is an LPN by profession and a psychology researcher by passion.

Jason Shattuck

Jason Shattuck currently works as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the mental health field. Previously, he has worked as a Mental Health Counselor and Psychiatric Technician. A caring and compassionate individual, helping others is always at the forefront of his focus.

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While studying for his Bachelor's in Nursing at Westfield State University, Jason Shattuck was introduced to the legendary Sigmund Freud. Thanks to this introduction, a lifelong fascination with mental health and psychology was sparked for Shattuck. Now, he delves into deep discussion on Freudian concepts and theories via his Facebook Group, "Inside Freud's Consulting Room."

Jason Shattuck

Jason Shattuck is a registered Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). He currently works in the fields of mental health and psychiatry. Helping others is always Shattuck's primary goal! Jason Shattuck is a graduate of Westfield State University. He credits one of his Psychology professors for sparking his interest in Sigmund Freud.