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Jason R. Bennighoff-Becerra

Communications - Storyteller

Location icon United States

Everything has a story behind it.

Coming up with creative solutions to organizational challenges be they in a corporate setting, education, or even just within a circle of friends and family, it comes down to how you communicate, how you tell your story.

It doesn't matter how much you know about history or data analysis or baseball, without effective communication, it matters not because no one will know.

None of us knows everything about anything but together we can learn anything about everything.

University of Houston Image Campaign
UH Image Campaign - Ad Portfolio

A series of interviews and profiles written about many of the University's most respected professors and personalities.

David Latchaw - Unbrokenstring.com

Let's chat with...David Latchaw of www.unbrokenstring.com Hi David! Tell us a little about what brought you into the world of guitar and amp repair. How long have you been doing it? How does it feel to have a schmancy name like "luthier?" My entre' was entirely supernatural.

Cathedral Records Blog
Come on over baby, whole lotta cakin' goin' on...A Conversation with Renee Main

A community is comprised of individuals. Our beloved community includes more than just the folks on stage or behind the sound board. These people are fans, spouses, retailers, luthiers, friends, and everyone else. These individuals all have their own passions, perspectives, and stories and from time to time I like to highlight them.

High employee turnover? Consider this...

Published on We don't need to read an article, flip through a slideshow or scroll through a list to know how employee turnover can negatively impact an organization's profits, costs, productivity, workplace culture, customer service, and pretty much every other aspect of business. We see it and feel it every day.

I Can't Quit You - Corporate America's Conflicted Relationship with PowerPoint

Published on We've all done it. We've all sat in on them. I dare say most of us have at least one scheduled today if not a few lined up between now and end-of-day Friday....the dreaded PowerPoint meeting. The presenter sits at their laptop or, if they have a schmancy remote, stands at the screen, and clicks through the slides.

Oh the conference call - how we love to loathe you

Published on On the heels of a recent article about audience engagement during presentations, let's take a look at another communication channel that we all take part in and almost none of us enjoy or execute successfully: the conference call / web meeting.

But Do They Mean It? A few words on employee engagement and retention

Published on How many times have you heard it? "Our employees are the most important part of our business." For generations employees have been told they are the most valuable asset their organization has. Companies' "about us" pages are full of comments like "we empower our employees" and "without our employees we couldn't function" and so on and so forth.

So you wanna start using social media? Now what?

Published on I was recently approached by someone who asked me, "Do you know anything about this whole social media thing?" It's easy to take for granted that this question might be asked given how ubiquitous social media has become in both our personal and professional lives but it's more common than many might think.

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