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Jared Kawalsky - Experienced in Corporate Law and Investment

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Having earned a JD at the University of Chicago Law School, Jared Kawalsky is pursuing a master of laws in taxation at New York University Law School. From 2015 to 2017, Jared Kawalsky led the Kawalsky Law Firm in Southern California and focused on providing a newly formed film and television production company with assistance in entity formation and entertainment property development and marketing. He also negotiated contracts between production companies and executive producers.

Kawalsky also provided individuals with counsel in litigation areas such as pharmaceutical and real estate liability, as well as medical malpractice and personal injury matters. He previously engaged with Surgical Development Partners as director of business development and structured large-scale projects in the health care sphere. He was tasked with coordinating investments with full range of stakeholders, from private equity investors to physician partners.

Additionally, Jared Kawalsky has staff attorney experience with the Dallas law practice Baker & McKenzie and undertook mergers and acquisitions-related due diligence. He drafted documents related to Securities and Exchange Commission filings and wrote memorandums on Texas state law requirements, relevant to public pension fund investors.


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