Jane Howard

Freelance Writer

Jane Howard a freelance arts journalist and critic with a focus on performance. Her writing has appeared in publications including the Guardian, Kill Your Darlings, Junkee, Meanjin and RealTime, and her experimental digital criticism projects have been commissioned by The Lifted Brow and the Performance and Art Development Agency.




The (Very Sweary, Very American) Religious Experience Of 'The Book Of Mormon'

This show could never be made in Australia, but it makes a great escape. If there is one thing The Book of Mormon - the musical now playing at the Princess Theatre in Melbourne...

Kill Your Darlings

Impossible Futures: Tomorrow’s Parties and This is How We Die

A man and a woman stand on a wooden pallet, backed by a string of coloured globes on an otherwise unremarkable stage. They talk us through images of the future. There is...


Del Kathryn Barton's Spiders and Female Rage

There is something incredibly pertinent about the timing of Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton's first live-action video work, Red. The 15-minute film, in which Cate Blanchett...

the Guardian

Australian theatre 2016: the 10 most groundbreaking shows by women

The recent Australian Writers' Guild report into the state of female playwrights showed little is improving for women at Australia's largest theatre companies. But to get the...

the Guardian

The Arab spring, Robert Lepage and a mass bed-in: how Singapore is rethinking festivals

Unlike the prevalent model in the UK, the US and Australia, where festivals occur in hyper-concentrated bursts of creative energy, Ong Keng Sen builds his festival with a slow...

Kill Your Darlings

Old Spaces Anew at the Melbourne Festival

Much of Jonathan Holloway's first Melbourne Festival asked us to look at Melbourne in new ways. I caught the tram down to the Docklands, and walked through an eerily deserted...

the Guardian

Blaque Showgirls review - Indigenous take on cult film is loud, proud and camp

There's a fascination in Australian theatre with adapting the classics to contemporary Australia. Our stages are ripe with retellings of Ancient Greek dramas, Ibsens and...

Kill Your Darlings

Art for Kids, Kids for Art

It feels like I am walking around in a thick fog. All I can see is white, as I gingerly move through a forest of dangling ribbons tied to bells that jangle with every step. With...

the Guardian

Things I Know To Be True review - powerful debut of Andrew Bovell's affecting new play

As children move into adulthood their lives splinter away from the family home, from the childhood suburb, from the cities they found their feet in. There is an acuteness to...