James Morra

Full Time Student - Journalism/Mass Comm. Health and Wellness

Location icon United States of America

I am James Morra. Currently living in Nashua, NH. I am pursuing a double major in Journalism and Health and Wellness. I have begun work on two writing projects. One is a full manuscript for a wellness/weight management book that talks about some key components that are missing in many if not all of today's commercialized programs.
I am also working on a weight loss/diet book based upon my current profession as a mailman--

I have 28 years of experience in weight loss and weight management as well as fitness training- I am in the stages of finishing my academic career to transition into a career in health and wellness. My journalism goals are to be a feature writer in the health/fitness genre.
I will achieve the first of two certifications this year, one is for personal training and then on to become a certified nutritionist.
I am 46 years young and am currently working with many people aspiring to achieve their goals in fitness and overall body wellness.
I look forward to expanding this bio as my work and growth expands through my academic pursuits.