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James Conrad Johnson

Software Maker

Location icon United States

Co-Founder and CMO of Oaken Innovations - a blockchain software company focused on automotive mobility applications. Leader of the 1st decentralized car lease application (Toyota), 1st blockchain powered automotive identity and history (Ford), 1st blockchain powered toll and automotive payments platform (Brisa Group), Co-Contributor to MOBI VID standard, and the 1st blockchain powered international money remittance application (MoneyGram & Ripple).

World Champion of the United Arab Emirates GovHack International Blockchain Competition, Winner of the MOBI Grand Challenge, Winner of the Hack Ether Camp. Co-Founder of the Trusted IoT Alliance and MOBI. Previously a software executive for enterprise organizations.

Insurance Journal
Toyota, MIT Lab Eye Using Blockchain in Insurance Rating of Driverless and Shared Vehicles

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is exploring blockchain and distributed ledger technology (BC/DL) for use in the development of driverless cars. TRI is collaborating with the MIT Media Lab and other industry partners on ways that both businesses and consumers may share driving and autonomous vehicle testing data, manage ride-share and car-share transactions and store vehicle usage information that could be used in the setting of insurance rates.

Toyota pushes into blockchain tech to enable the next generation of cars

On the same day that Ford officially ousted its chief executive in a bid to remake itself as future-focused vehicle manufacturer, Toyota announced its own steps to embrace technology's next wave. Andwhile Ford is looking to catch up to the leaders in autonomous and electric vehicle manufactur...

Self-driving cars could soon navigate the world via micropayments

With autonomous vehicles already debuting on our roads and in our airspace, you've probably grown accustomed to the idea of a new future for mobility. But what you may not have wrapped your head around yet is that these vehicles could create a whole new marketplace that makes transportation safer, greener, and more efficient.

Ripple announces XRP trial with cross-border remittance firm MoneyGram

Well, well, well. Ripple, the company behind the controversial XRP cryptocurrency which has been criticized for obfuscating the nature of its partnerships with financial organizations, has announced a tie-up with global payment network MoneyGram. MoneyGram, which saw a $1.2 billion acquisition from...

Ripple and MoneyGram Tie Up on Digital Currency

Ripple, a blockchain company and rival to bitcoin, on Thursday announced a tie-up with Dallas-based money transfer giant MoneyGram. The move is significant because the arrangement involves the use of XRP, Ripple's digital currency, which has recently soared in value but also faced questions about its practical uses.

Ethereum IoT Project Wins $100k in Dubai Blockchain Hackathon - CoinDesk

A startup building an ethereum-based platform for IoT applications has won $100,000 at a blockchain hackathon in Dubai. Project Oaken was awarded the top prize during a presentation at the World Government Summit, a Dubai government-sponsored event focused on smart governance held this week in Dubai.