James Ellaby

Freelance Copywriter

I'm a writer with backgrounds in journalism, communications and digital marketing. Writing has been a passion since primary school and I love the process of researching a new subject and finding the best way to write about it. Whether it's business thought leadership pieces or more personal blog posts, I care about creating content that is informative, educational and entertaining.

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CashNetUSA Blog

10 Techniques to Meet That Deadline - CashNetUSA Blog

The ability to complete a task by a set deadline is important for just about everyone. Remember your first bit of homework in elementary school? Even from that early age, we...

MPP Global

How Publishers Can Turn Video into Revenue - MPP Global

One of 2017's biggest themes in the online publishing world was the 'pivot to video' as several large publishers let their writing teams go and stressed that video was the...

MPP Global

Subscriptions Offer Football Clubs Another Pre-Season Opportunity - MPP Global

The days when pre-season was simply a time for football clubs to work on their players' fitness and tactics ahead of the big kick-off are long gone.

Parent Co.

Our Kids Need to Know That Love Is Stronger Than Hate

🔊 Listen to PostI woke up at 4 a.m. on the morning of the U.S. election. I was in my four-year-old's bed (he'd woken up during the night) and checked my phone to see the latest...


Do Millennials Still Watch TV | mporium

As new technologies take hold and new generations come of age, it's always tempting to make assumptions about how the two of them interact. However, doing so is a risk,...

blu US

Historic US Moments: Independence Day

The most famous moment in American history took place on July 4th 1776. We all celebrate it every year in a feast of fireworks, flags and barbecue sauce, but how much do you...


How to Work With Difficult People - NetCredit

Co-worker tensions account for up to 80% of all workplace difficulties, but looking for a new job isn't always the best solution. Instead, try to make life easier using a series...


Using Chatbots to Automate Customer Service | mporium

An important part of marketing since the dawn of the advertising age has been keeping an eye on what people are doing and finding a way to leverage that to sell your product or...

Den of Geek

Geeks Vs Loneliness: belonging

"I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." That was what Groucho Marx told the Friars Club in a letter refusing an offer of membership. I love Groucho...


Spotlight On: UFC | mporium

Few sports have enjoyed as rapid a rise as UFC, which was founded just 24 years ago and has generated some of the most lucrative and talked-about sporting events of the last few...


What Amazon's Whole Foods deal means for Supermarkets | mporium

When Amazon moves into your area of business, that's rarely good news for anyone but Amazon and is certainly a cause for concern for you. That's the situation British...


Can Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Work in Live sport? | mporium

Broadcasters spend a lot money to get the rights to show live sport, so the pressure is on them to ensure that they're delivering the best possible service for paying...


Why The United States Is The World's Biggest Theme Park - Travelbite

Think of America and one of the first things to come to mind will be theme parks. Disneyland helped establish that image in the 1950s and rollercoasters are right up there with...


Is It Time To Recognise Voice Recognition Software?

Voice recognition software has been a work in progress since the initial trials at Bell Labs in the 1950s, but 2017 seems to be the year where more than 70 years worth of...


Change Management Processes - Your Essential Guide - Tallyfy

JFK famously once said that 'Change is the law of life,' a statement that is as true in the world of business as it is for the President of the United States. Businesses need to...

My Blue Heaven

Katie's Beautiful Friends... And Me - My Blue Heaven

When it comes to watching TV, I'm more a fan of US dramas than reality shows and Channel 4 'documentaries' (as anyone who has read my blog will know), so Katie: My Beautiful...

HuffPost UK

Is Game of Thrones' Joffrey TV'S Most Vile Character?

Has there ever been a more fundamentally loathsome character on television than Joffrey Baratheon? The wretched boy-King from Game Of Thrones generally makes only fleeting...


The Essential Guide to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) - Tallyfy

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, also known as GRC, is an umbrella term for the way organisations deal with three areas that help them achieve their objectives. The...


Spotlight On: Pret a Manger

One of the keys to running a successful business is managing the balance between keeping a consistency in what you do well with the need to be constantly innovating to stay...

Parent Co.

Date Night is Overrated, Here's How to Get Out of It

One of the first things my wife and I were told after we had our first baby - literally a couple of hours after - was that we need to make sure we go out on dates and make time...