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Does the F-Word being a 'Gamer Word' highlight streaming's homophobia problem?

Last month, the prolific streamer Donut Operator - known for playing Escape from Tarkov - was handed a seven-day ban by Twitch on November 22 for using the word 'f****t' during a stream. Following his removal, he took to Twitter to try to explain the circumstances in which he used the homophobic slur.

Pokémon's Way Of Life Shows How The Real World Could Be

There is a reason we keep coming back to Pokémon. Most of us have secretly wished the (relatively) free-roaming adventure games were real. While we mainly wanted to explore and catch Pokémon, could we actually have wanted the series to be real because of the better world it represents?

The Power of Dragvertising

To many in the mainstream, the drag queen is a source of entertainment that comes from the fact that she is a man in a dress. Those involved in queer culture recognize the true value her exaggerated makeup and camp flair brings to LGBTQ visibility. She is the custodian of queer history and pop culture.

Should MPs be able to privatise their social media accounts? | Backbench

Labour's MP for Canterbury, Rosie Duffield, locked her Twitter account on October 15 2020, in response to the backlash she began to receive after a spat with LGBT+ site PinkNews. The site criticised the elected official over comments made concerning her views on trans rights and the increasingly toxic battleground the MP has waded into.

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5 Ways Fiction Writing Can Help You Produce More Effective Copy

There are similarities in the techniques used in fiction writing to sell a story to the reader and the methods copywriters use to make sure their copy persuades and sells. Here are five tips for better fiction writing that can also be used to enhance your copywriting: The rule of writing fiction well is to dive straight into the action.