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Freelance journalist currently in Melbourne.

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Previously reported from the Middle East for print and digital. Most recently covering financial regulation in the UK and EU.

My passion is for investigations.

Email: jacob.l.atk at gmail dot com

EXCLUSIVE: Despite Hitler parallel, Israel sold Duterte guns for drug war

An Israeli weapons manufacturer sold hundreds of assault rifles to anti-drug police in the Philippines just months after President Rodrigo Duterte compared himself to Hitler and said he would be "happy to slaughter" three million drug addicts, information gathered by i24NEWS shows.

Moorwand Facing Claims It Processed Scam Payments

UK e-money firm Moorwand is facing claims from alleged investment fraud victims that it processed payments for two online trading scams, an investigation by PaymentsCompliance has found.

The New Daily
'I have no words': Stranded Aussies blown away by kindness of strangers

After almost six months stranded in the United Kingdom due to border closures caused by the coronavirus, Australian psychologist Sandi James said her mental health was at a low ebb. When she saw a Facebook post from fellow Australian Jordann Barge offering a free place to stay for those stuck in the UK, Ms James jumped on a train to the small town of Cullompton in south-west England.

OneCoin-Linked Company Granted Estonia Crypto Licences

Senior members of OneCoin, the alleged $4bn Ponzi scheme based on a non-existent cryptocurrency, recently obtained permission to operate virtual currency exchanges and provide digital wallets in Estonia - and the licensing regulator says it is powerless to act because of the country's "fundamentally flawed" laws.

EXCLUSIVE: Israel could soon be 'unblurred' on Google Earth

Israel could soon lose its privileged status as the only country in the world to enjoy immunity from publicly available high resolution satellite imagery, potentially exposing details of secret military sites but opening up new fields of environmental and archaeological research.

Israel owes Iran $1.1 billion - but will it pay?

Trans Asiatic Oil (TAO), a state-owned Israeli company, has the distinction of having every single Israeli ambassador to Iran sitting on its board. But there's a catch -- they are all dead.

Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan: the oil connection

Israel has been the top buyer of crude oil from the Kurdish region of northern Iraq this year, according to shipping data and interviews with industry analysts, in a murky trade that underpins the Jewish state's unique position as a supporter of the Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) hotly contested independence referendum last month.

The 74,000 undocumented workers in Israel few talk about

Last year Emerson* left Peru for the first time. Arriving in Israel, he was immediately smitten with what he described as the country's respect for the law, organization and culture. The 33-year-old liked it so much, he decided to stay.

Maritime skulduggery: how Kurdish oil shipments to Israel are 'disguised'

Companies transporting crude oil to Israel have adopted increasingly clandestine methods in order to disguise their origins in the oilfields of Iraq's Kurdistan region, according to an industry watchdog. Israel has been the chief buyer of Kurdish crude oil, i24NEWS reported last year, although more recent figures show that the trade has slumped since Kurdistan's independence bid fizzled and the central government in Baghdad recaptured key oil fields.

The Australian
'If I go back they will kill me'

A Saudi woman attempting to flee from her “abusive” family and seek asylum in Australia has reportedly been forcibly returned to Riyadh after being gagged, tied with duct tape and wrapped in a sheet by two uncles while on a stopover in the Philippines.

The Australian
The end of the two state solution?

It’s 2022. Israel has annexed 60 per cent of the West Bank and bestowed citizenship on the 150,000 or so Palestinians living there. The rest of the long-disputed territory is under the control of an autonomous Palestinian leadership that has a capital in Ramallah. Every day hundreds of thousands of Palestinians travel to their jobs in the undivided Jewish capital of Jerusalem

The Australian
My house was a jail

Those who publicly renounce their religion often find themselves shunned by family and friends. Women from Saudi Arabia who renounce Islam find loved ones can morph into mortal enemies — with the law on their side. In defiance of a male guardianship system that places strict limits on their movements, a small band of Saudi women has fled to the West. They have adopted the label “ex-Saudi”, alongside “ex-Muslim”. Four share their story with Inquirer.

State Department refuses to reveal position on whether West Bank 'occupied'

The US State Department has refused to say whether it views the West Bank, Golan Heights or Gaza as "occupied territory," after it scrubbed the term from an annual human rights report. Last week the department ended a 19-year practice of referring to the West Bank and Gaza as "occupied" in its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, which review human rights conditions around the world.

These are the airlines said to be ferrying weapons from Iran to Syria

Companies operating cargo flights between Iran and Syria are increasingly catching the attention of Israeli and US intelligence, officials have said, as Iran's threats to avenge an alleged Israeli strike in Syria earlier this month throw renewed attention on how weapons and other tools flow between the two allies.

The Australian
Khaled's dream collapses into despair in Lebanon

EXCLUSIVE: He paid $11,500 to a people-smuggler, spent 37 hours crammed into an asylum-seeker boat, six months on Christmas Island and just over three years in the Manus Island processing centre.

In the 'gay capital of the Middle East', conversion therapy is still thriving

At 17, Yochai Greenfeld choreographed and directed a lauded high school adaptation of "All That Jazz" from Chicago, but as his schoolmates burst onto stage, premiering the result of his weeks of work, Yochai was winding through the hills outside Jerusalem, on his way to a retreat that he hoped would help him stop being gay.

Australian sexual abuse victims bring campaign for justice to Israel

During his official visit to Israel this week, Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull will demand justice for three sisters whose alleged serial sexual abuser is living free in the city of Bnei Brak after successfully avoiding extradition by checking herself into psychiatric care on the day of her scheduled court appearances.

The Jerusalem Post | JPost.com
Lovers of Zion: Koreans in Israel

Unlike Russians, Germans, Greeks and Armenians, Korean Christians don't have their own quarter or Old City cathedral, but they are a growing and often strongly Zionist community in Jerusalem.

The Australian
Israeli teen charged over threats

The culprit behind almost six hundred hoax bomb and shooting threats that terrorised Australian schools over the past year has been identified as an Israeli teenager working from his suburban bedroom, who allegedly raked in a small fortune by making the hoax calls for anonymous buyers on the ‘dark net’ website Alphabay.

The Australian
Victims of Islamic State move on from horror and hurt inside

Christians in the northern Iraqi city of Qaraqosh knew their time was up on a midsummer’s day two years ago. Black-and-white flags appeared on the horizon, fluttering above a fleet of Toyotas commanded by a multinational gang of Islamist extremists.

The Times of Israel
Malaysia favors Palestinians but buys from Israel

In the winter of 2013, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak stepped across the Egyptian border at Rafah and made a rare visit by a head of government to Hamas-ruled Gaza. Razak, whose country does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, told reporters: "We believe in the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The Australian
Shorten "relaxed" about Israel visit

Bill Shorten has stared down increasingly vocal pro-Palestinian sentiment inside Labor, saying he is “relaxed” about spending just two hours in the Palestinian territories while on a three-day paid visit to Israel.

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