Jack Salem

Writer & Linguist

B.A. English: concentration in Linguistics. Old Dominion University 2018
A.S. General Studies. Tidewater Community College 2017.
Certificate of Software Development & Planning. Pennsylvania State University 2012.

Given the nature of my Transition, some pieces may include previous names.

United States of America



Why I Shouldn't Be A Writer - 2nd Look

A re-examination of an old blog post I did on the anxieties of writing.

O.D.U. - Contemporary American Novel: from Dystopia to Dawn

Everyman for Himself - Apocalyptic Fiction's Speculative Examination of Community

Paper is in the middle of major revisions to prepare for graduate submissions...When speculative fiction is used in an apocalyptic narrative, the story is frequently less about...

O.D.U. - Survey of American Literature Since 1860

The Strivings of a Queer People

W. E. B. Du Bois’s idea of double consciousness and call to action found within Strivings of the Negro People, compares to the current political and social conversation...

O.D.U. - Contemporary American Novel: from Dystopia to Dawn

Giving It All Away - The Revealing Spatial Digressions of Le Guin’s Lathe of Heave

The opening vignette detailed in the first two pages of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Lathe of Heaven, is packed with imagery and symbolism that creates a small, impressionistic scene....

O.D.U. - Asian American Literature

Carlos Bulosan: America is in the Heart

In America is in the Heart, Carlos Bulosan presents his perspectives not only on the migration story, but also on identity. Through a postcolonial lens, Bulosan’s themes –...

O.D.U. - Contemporary World Literature

The Handling of Horror - A Guideline to Literary Horror Devices

The word “horror” contains several meanings that are dependent on the situation in which the word presents itself to the reader. It can mean shocking or terrifying, to shake and...

O.D.U. - Short Stories

The Historical Implications of War: An Analysis of The Things They Carried

O’Brien’s The Things They Carried is less a comment on the conflicting cultures of war and peace, and more on the effects of war on male civilian soldiers. While it would be...

O.D.U. - Asian American Literature

Excerpts from Comfort Women Tarot Project

I am your history, smuggled across the ocean with you. Your ancestor and shadow, a not so distant echo to a memory. The ghosts of Comfort Women echo far beyond the pages and...

Rhetorical Insights.

Visual Rhetoric

As stated in my introduction post, I am analyzing the ONE National LGBTQ Archives at the University of Southern California. The Archive makes use of many visual rhetorical...