Jack Gillespie

Journalist. Freelance Writer. Editor.

Jack Gillespie is a Sunshine Coast based freelance writer and editor. He has experience writing for the Sunshine Coast Daily, Neighbourhood Watch and NDIS Management Support company, First2Care. News, blogs, magazine articles - whatever the format, he can write and edit for you.

Sunshine Coast Daily
'Macca' helps customers put a unique pen to paper

FOR the past two-and-a-half years, sitting opposite the newsagent, a stall at Cotton Tree Markets each Sunday has been home to a recognisable very famous name: "Maccas". But if someone were to approach the stallholder, asking for a burger and fries, all they would get is a funny look and a roll of the eyes.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Engaged couple facing terminal illness gifted a wedding

RODA Newbery had one rule for her boyfriend Damien Leask: don't ask me to marry you until we've been going out for two years. But Damien couldn't wait, and broke the rule after just 12 months. He had a very good reason, however, to be a man on a mission.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Battles continue long after the war

A TOTAL of 60,000 Australian soldiers lost their lives over the course of the decade-long Vietnam War and many of those who returned suffered long after it ended. Bevan Beitzel and Barry Rogers are two veterans who both endured post-traumatic stress after their time of service.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Owners and pets to walk for Angus the paralysed pooch

A SIMPLE jump off the bed has left five-year-old dachshund Angus paralysed from the waist down. A trip to the vet confirmed the injury was particularly severe, and Angus was referred to a specialist in Tanawha. A disk in Angus's spine hadn't simply slipped, but exploded, and the dachshund was classed as a category four case - one away from the most severe.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Sand reads feet rather than books for fascinating stories

FEET aren't known as a particularly flattering part of the human body. Overgrown toenails, dirt, smelly, fungus, rough and cracked skin all typify what most people attribute to the things that get them from point A to B. But for reflexology specialist Sand Mew, feet offer so much more.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Calf leads students into farming future

AGRICULTURAL students at Noosa District High School have a new playmate. Maloo the calf was born just before Christmas last year. For several years, the school has run agricultural classes for Years 9-12, giving students hands-on experience with a number of different farm animals.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Flavour at home with none of the nasties

FOR six years, spice curator Colleen Walters has been bringing new flavours from all over the world to Australian shores with her own business: Your Inspiration At Home (YIAH). And for three of those years, YIAH consultant Mandy Danko has delivered the product to Queensland, including the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Making tea cosies is Merrin's sanity saver

AT THE best of times, child safety can be a dark and gloomy place to work. The responsibility of providing a family with refuge is a hefty one. For Merrin Shaw, whose child-safety shifts take in a full 24 hours, maintaining a positive outlook is crucial. Twelve years ago, Merrin discovered knitting.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Wendy's creativity fills the air with pleasant aromas

WENDY McCaul's handmade soy candles have been adding fresh new aromas to the market scene each week. Wendy was working at a café in Maroochydore when it was suggested that she give candle-making a go. It didn't take long to become a hobby and now a part-time business, with stalls at Yandina Markets and Fishermans Road Markets.