Jake Scott

Writer & Theatre Maker

United Kingdom

Based in Manchester, I am an experienced freelance creative working across a wide range of mediums. Most of the content I have listed here is prose, poetry, or writing for performance. I am a December 2023 graduate of the University of Liverpool's MA in Creative and Critical Writing.

My creative interests include poeticism, spooky tales, and LGBTQ+ themes. My research interests include coming-of-age stories, transgender narratives, and narratology.

Current Project: 'Treading Water' - novel.

Pronouns: He/him. Twitter: @jachasco. Instagram: @jachasco_.

Recording of Performance
Mother & Son

This recording is from the final night of the Edinburgh Fringe run for 'Mother & Son', my first full-length original play in development. We performed the show from the 5th-12th August 2023 at The Strathmore Bar. Cast: Hannah Beckett (Assistant Director) - Joe Megan Dempsey - Zizi Agogo/Multi-Role Lily Lokko Williams - Joanne Bronagh Mullan (Assistant Director) - Peaches Longbottom/Multi-Role Robyn Radcliffe - Alotta Zinfandel/Multi-Role Lewis Thacker - Paul/Billy Will Thacker -...

Personal Collection
Dead Name/Trans Joy

Shared for TDoR 2023. Credit for cover image belongs to GLAAD.

Personal Collection
Poems by Jake Scott

A collection of some of my poetry - everything lives in here, from love and loss to wonder and fear.

LUDS WriteNight
Dream State

Watch a recording of 'Dream State', my first short play, between 3:20 and 16:40.

Melodic Distraction Radio Station
Melodic Distraction - Writing on the Wall

On Feb 21st, 2023, I was featured on the Writing on the Wall takeover of Melodic Distraction radio station. I spoke about my work with the organisation and read some of my own writing. You can hear me between 42:00 and 55:00 mins.

Interview with an Owl

A speculative short that explores the potential effects of climate change from a unique perspective.

Much To Think About
Poetry - Much To Think About

Saturday 21st March 2020. The current pandemic situation, in Britain and around the globe, is unprecedented. Many of us are feeling anxious, upset or unsettled: this is understandable. In times such as these, when all that we know and love is upturned so suddenly, it can be difficult to stay cheerful.

Perched and ready

19:15PM. Tuesday. February 5th 2019. Night three of Playhouse Creatures. I'm currently sat on my little perch in the Millgate tech box, excited for another run of a great, gritty little show called Playhouse Creatures.