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My Laptop battery only charges to 96%

Some laptops can be configured to not charge to 100%. This is typical. 95-100% battery life is considered a full charge. Something to do with making the battery last longer. Also, Laptop battery contain cells, typically six. Each cell hold a certain amount of charge. Together they provide correct voltage and amperage for pc.

How to speed up a slow iPhone

It's a common worry... particularly after updating iOS, or when a new phone has just appeared on the market. Old iPhones become more prone to speed problems as they age, but even newer handsets may slow down if you haven't got a lot of space free.

Laptop WiFi button doesn't work anymore!

When your PC (or other device) can't access your Wi-Fi network, you have to find out where the problem is-your laptop or your router. So the first thing you need to do is test the network without the laptop. Try another computer-or any device that uses Wi-Fi, such as a smartphone or tablet.