Isabella Lazzareschi

Content Strategist

Location icon United States of America

I'm currently a content strategist and a freelance writer. A dual citizen of the US and the EU, I love traveling the potential countries of my future and learning new languages. I'm an amateur ceramicist, a pro dog walker, and I produce podcasts on the side. My content typically consists of the mundane pleasures of life, ideas that scare me, and badass gals.

The Gender Wage Gap

Investigating the perpetuation of the gender wage gap in small businesses.

Pricey Produce: Why We Pay More for Organic

It's no secret that the local farmers' market isn't always the financially savvy way to buy produce. Safeway sells avocados 3 for $5, while Sandy sells them at her neighborhood market stand for $4 a piece. So why do we continue returning to Sandy?

How to be a Locavore

A Consumer's Guide to Eating Local Vegan, flexitarian, paleo, and the latest: locavore.

Zenefits Blog
An Over 30's Guide to Recruiting Millennials

There's a new, young generation infiltrating the workforce, and they're changing the way top companies are recruiting. Zenefits talks to a recruiting specialist to learn the top 3 questions to expect from young job candidates and everything else you need to know about recruiting Millennials.

Zenefits Blog
What You Need to Know About California's New ABC Contractor Law

While there is is no federal definition of what constitutes an independent contractor, each state has different regulations surrounding the term. Recently, California has established a new law, which narrows its definition of an independent contractor, helping to cut a clearer line between that and a full-time employee.