Isabel Elwood

Freelance & Music Journalist, Photographer, Visual Artist

Passionate storyteller and visual artist with a keen interest in music and nightlife.
Currently freelancing as a content writer, I aim to branch into music journalism.



Subbacultcha Belgium

December finds

To bookmark and discover Things we want you to know about and people we want give a little extra support. Time to bookmark even more 'to-check-when-I-have-time' reading and...


Berlin club culture: politics, techno and non-commercial dance floors

Beyond club culture, dance floors can encourage social engagement and political awareness among younger people. Between protest raves or maintaining free spaces for culture,...


Rave for Diplomacy - An Introduction to Partying under Oppression (part I)

What is it like to rave under oppression? Rave Diplomacy happens in places in the world where people use music and raves to change their environments from within. In Palestine,...


Amsterdam's Bijlmerbajes prison converts into club and culture hub

Amsterdam's Bijlmerbajes prison is now home to BIG art. The 7,5 hectare site is currently undergoing major transformations and demolition to convert into a pedestrian and...


Waking Life, Portugal's most secretive electronic music festival

My own exploration with creative writing and electronic music started exactly one year ago with the first edition of Waking Life. It is the very first story I ever wrote: Waking...


Festival story: Waking Life Chapter 1; The Birth of a New Community

“Was it all just a dream? or was it reality and am I now sound asleep?” Dance floors as free spaces to celebrate freedom, love, inclusiveness and acceptance. In a world...


Nightlife: The 7 Best Techno Clubs in Amsterdam

RADION is an Industrial warehouse a bit further away form the city. The nightclub is a cultural hotspot in Amsterdam. Their current location, known as ACTA, used to be the...


Griessmühle: Berlin Culture in Clubs outside Club Nights

We knew about club nights outside clubs. Berlin takes it a step further with nights in clubs besides club nights. Old factory warehouse transformed club, Griessmühle wants to be...


Brussels by night: Techno nights during Winter time

Belgium has been beating to electronic music since the early nineties. It once had its own particular sound known as "The Sound of Belgium". The musical landscape has much...


Brussels by night: The 5 Best Bars for Electronic Music in the City Center

Enjoy good electronic music without leaving the bar! Popular electronic music nights are found not only in clubs but also in music bars around the Capital. As an...

Paradise City 2017

Stage-host Roots of Minimal: Creating a sense of family - Paradise City 2017

The promoters behind Roots of Minimal have curated some of Belgian's finest electronic music parties since 2010. Turn up the volume to discover the sounds and artists of Roots...