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Irmingard Mayer

Writer and Creative Project Lead

Location icon United States

Irmingard is the General Manager at Body & Pole where she works in house developing marketing content for the studio's website and marketing outreach to clients and employees. She has worked as a Contributing Writer for publications such as MindBodyGreen, Thought Catalog and various pole/aerial industry blogs, websites and magazines.

Body & Pole
COVID-19 Policies - Body & Pole

Until NYC's group fitness restrictions are lifted, Body & Pole will not conduct any indoor classes. We offer individualized guided level trainings on single-use equipment. To remain compliant, we ask that you warm yourself up at the start of each training.

Body & Pole
The Studio - Body & Pole

Long before Body & Pole had a physical home, the roots of its existence were formed. A passion for dance and expression lived inside both co-founders Kyra Johannesen and Lian Tal Lebret from early childhood. However, this passion led each down very different paths. Kyra to pursue a professional career in dance.

11 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Pole Dancing

I started pole dancing after I saw a live event in New York City. The women mystified me with their grace and strength, and I wanted to learn how to move like them. After my first class, however, I found that pole dancing was hard -every muscle in my body ached for days.

Vanity Fair
Sorry, Justice Isn't in the Budget

"What do you mean, it's going to take three years to hear my case?"It won't be a national story this week, but it ought to be. The legal landscape of America's second-largest city is about to dramatically change-and not for the better. Soon, in Los Angeles, a third-world mist will descend upon the justice system.

7 Reasons Why Pole Dancing is Empowering To Women

I know what you might be thinking: how can pole dancing, which has historical ties to the exotic dance industry (one that has at times objectified women), actually be empowering to women? I admit in the past, I struggled with the answer to this question myself.

Thought Catalog
8 Totally Necessary Things You Should Do To Get Over Your Ex

One of the benefits of serial monogamy is becoming an expert at dealing with breakups. I've learned how to spot red flags when the inevitable demise approaches. I've learned how to process my own tendencies in this often emotionally reactive state.