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Irene Caswell

Freelance lifestyle and travel writer

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Irene is freelance lifestyle writer focusing travel, arts & culture, food & wine and a regular features contributor to Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, where Irene has an author page and Travel Begins At 40. Irene writes a regular monthly culture column Art in the City at London Begins At 40.

London Begins at 40
Art in the City: Bellotto, Taeuber-Arp and Emin | London Begins at 40

In the second of her regular arts columns, Irene Caswell takes a look at the new July art exhibitions in London, as well as one coming to a close. Summer exhibitions are well underway with a diverse offering of displays designed to amaze, delight and entertain.

London Begins at 40
London Voices: Simon Lycett | London Begins at 40

Continuing our London Voices series where we ask Londoners what makes them love London, Irene Caswell speaks to florist designer Simon Lycett. Simon Lycett moved to the capital city at the age of 20 with the aim of working at a florist's for six months to develop some "sophisticated London ways", before returning to his home town of Warwick to set up a flower business.

Travel Begins at 40
Victoria & Albert: Our Lives in Watercolour | Travel Begins at 40

A new exhibition at the Palace of Holyroodhouse featuring watercolours collected by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert is set to open this March in Edinburgh. Throughout their marriage Victoria and her consort were passionate patrons of watercolour painting.

Travel Begins at 40
Green Gastronomy: Food in Slovenia | Travel Begins at 40

Irene Caswell looks forward to a world where we can travel internationally once more and explores the delights of traditional food in Slovenia. Slovenia is less than a tenth of the size of Great Britain yet there are 24 different gastronomic regions as well as three wine regions.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
How will luxury hotels adapt in a post-pandemic world?

As the world tentatively reopens from lockdown, luxury hotels are gearing up to welcome guests once again. With the need to modify and innovate to build confidence, safety and wellbeing of visitors and staff, hotels are seeking out the best possible ways to achieve this. Naturally, strategies are evolving as society is changing almost daily.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
The Languedoc: 5 special places for wine lovers

It is well known that the French take their wine and their food very seriously indeed. I travelled in a small group, courtesy of the Conseil Interprofessionel des Vins du Languedoc (CIVL), to the South of France to discover how the locals live the Mediterranean life.

The Good Life France
All about French oysters - The Good Life France

Italian adventurer Casanova was a fan of oysters and it's said that he ate 50 for breakfast. Sounds a little over the top and yet oysters are a natural food source, responsibly and sustainably grown and harvested. Both wild and farmed oysters are rich in rare amino acids and zinc.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
The top 5 places to visit in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy

The region of Piedmont or Piemonte is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The capital city of Turin is well known for its Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neo-classical, and Art Nouveau architecture. The whole area is rich in cultural treasures and it seems as though every town and village offers a significant heritage site worth visiting.

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