Jonathan Webb

Senior Research Fellow

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Senior Research Fellow @IPPRNorth. Specialise in housing and homelessness policy, decarbonisation and levelling up.

The Independent
Opinion: Lives will be lost if Boris Johnson fails to restart the Everyone In scheme

The "Everyone In" initiative, implemented during the first wave of the Covid-19 virus, took tens of thousands of rough sleepers off the streets and helped them start the transition into more secure and long-term accommodation. In the space of just 72 hours, this ambitious programme took thousands of people off the streets.

Homeless deserve better than this - Jonathan Webb

Yet, for many, this horror has become a reality. While the nation was being told to stay at home to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, thousands of people across Yorkshire were unable to find a safe place to call home.

For landlords "it's like coronavirus isn't even happening"

Jessica* is angry - and she's not the only one. In a few days' time, the temporary ban on evictions from rented housing, introduced soon after the coronavirus crisis began, will be lifted; and tens of thousands of renters still struggling with falling earnings face the risk that they may lose their homes.

Levelling up begins with housing

The popular documentary series Manctopia has drawn public attention to the challenges that northern cities like Manchester face. On the one hand, the construction of new homes creates jobs and stimulates the city's economy. The luxury housing developments being built in the city also help attract more affluent residents, who are able to spend their money in the local economy.

Rural homelessness is a growing crisis and this is why it must be tackled - Jonathan Webb

This crisis bears a heavy cost as it pushes young people and low-income earners out of the places they call home. Not only does this raise the question about whether rural communities can survive and thrive without a future generation, it also bears a significant human cost, with increasing numbers of people being pushed into rural homelessness.

When it comes to low carbon heating, the government must up the ante

Bringing together top businesses, policymakers, educational organisations, unions, and campaigners to jointly explore how to bridge the skills gap faced by the net zero transition and maximise the job opportunities that will come with a 'green recovery'.

The Conversation
Fair work must be about more than who keeps the tips

A new law announced by UK prime minister Theresa May will see restaurants in Britain being banned from unfairly taking tips from staff. Ensuring staff keep their tips is certainly a positive move to promote fairness. However, as tips are often used by employees to supplement their low pay, shouldn't improving quality of work be of higher importance?

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