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Dutch journalist and researcher based in Seoul, South Korea. I have worked for The Guardian (GB), ZDF (DE) and NRC (NL). I report in English and Dutch. Below a selection of my work.

Leiden University
Beyond plastic: why humanities scholars study waste

In a new series of articles, we explore how the humanities study topics related to sustainability. First up: waste. How and why study waste as a humanities scholar? We asked Elena Burgos Martinez, University Lecturer South and Southeast Asian Studies, and Katarzyna Cwiertka, Professor of Modern Japan...

Leiden University
Christopher Green: 'You cannot generalize North Koreans' self-understanding'

The notion of North Koreans as brainwashed and unable to think critically about their heritage and what it means to be North Korean is pervasive. More so, it is untrue, argues Christopher Green: 'North Koreans, like any other people are diverse in their opinions and self-understanding.' PhD defence…

Niemand hielp Han en Dong-jin

Feature article on the death of a North Korean refugee and her son in Seoul, South Korea. For Dutch national newspaper NRC.

Time is running out

An interactive visual report on survivors of Japanese imperialism. For 23 years, survivors of Japanese concentration camps in the Dutch East Indies have protested in front of the Japanese embassy. Their battle for justice remains unsolved, their scars unhealed.

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