Heidi van Dort

Freelance Writer

Heidi van Dort is a freelance writer living in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. After enjoying the glitz and the glamour of an advertising/media career for 12+ years, Heidi diverted her career path and began working on her passion; writing.
Heidi has been a freelance writer since 2010 and has covered a variety of topics including; beauty, weddings, parenting and current affairs. She is also a freelance copywriter.
Heidi has a BA in Writing and Media, and has completed several short courses including Feature Writing for Magazines and Newspapers, and Copywriting Essentials both at the Australian Writers Centre and Social Media Marketing Practices at the University of Technology in Sydney.
Among other places, Heidi has been published in MyCareer, Essential Baby and Essential Kids (all Sydney Morning Herald/The Age), Kidspot, Shire Kids, Suite101 and was the editor and chief writer for Hunter Bride for two years.

When she isn’t writing, Heidi is at home raising three young children and working on the next Great Australian Novel.

Essential Baby
When you're pressured to use daycare

Caring for Toddler Photo: Getty Images When I first became a mother I prepared myself for the advice, tips and even the judgment that I knew would be thrown my way. Friends had warned me that anyone I came across would have an opinion on at least one aspect of parenting life, if not several more.

Maintaining friendships once you've had a baby

Relationships Kim Kardashian and long-time best friend Jonathon Cheban have had a major falling out. The reason? She had a baby and left him behind. Magazines say that from the moment baby North was born, Cheban began to feel left out of his friend's new life.

Essential Baby
How my pregnancy cured me

Pregnancy Health Photo: Getty Images My pregnancy cured me Backaches, sciatica, morning sickness ... along with excitement and much joy, pregnancy can also bring with it a whole host of health complaints. But for a handful of women, pregnancy also brings a cure for conditions they suffered long before they conceived.

The Sydney Morning Herald
When the right job turns out to be wrong

Cindy Hill loves what she does and couldn't be happier. Photo: Jesse Marlow Cindy Hill is no longer working in her dream job. And she couldn't be happier. Until recently, Hill's whole life was dedicated to becoming a nurse. In high school, she took subjects that would help her get into nursing.

Essential Kids
When dad plans the party

Party Preparation Dads as good as mums at planning birthday parties. Photo: Getty Images It may not happen often, but it does happen. Somewhere out there right now, a dad is planning a birthday party for his child. Yes. A dad.

Essential Baby
When your partner doesn't want you to breastfeed

Breastfeeding Photo: Getty Images Even before she had kids, Rachel Roberts knew she wanted to breastfeed. When she fell pregnant with her first child, formula was definitely not on her list of things to buy. Whenever it came up in conversation her husband said he didn't understand her obsession - after all, he had been formula-fed as a child and he had turned out okay.

Tweaking Your Diet to a Slimmer You | The Healthy Office

Embarking on a diet to lose a few kilos doesn't necessarily have to be a huge ordeal. You don't even need to overhaul your entire diet plan, if you like it can be as simple as tweaking a few things here and there to get started.

How to Set a Wedding Budget

It's time to start planning your wedding and your head is probably swimming with thoughts of dresses, cake and ceremony locations. While it is fun to be thinking about these items, there is one important thing you need to plan first: the wedding budget.

Start Planning Your Wedding - Choosing a Theme

First of all, congratulations on your engagement! Finally it is time to start planning that wedding you've always dreamed of ... or haven't. Either way, it's a daunting task to get started on a wedding so make sure you just relax and remember to breathe.

Wedding Trends for 2012

If you are planning a wedding for 2012, you probably already have quite a few ideas up your sleeve about how you want the day to pan out. You may have had some of the ideas in your mind for years as you dreamt of your big day.

Should You Use a Wedding Planner?

Are wedding planners a luxury? Or a necessity? Perhaps they are a little bit of both. These days we get help with all aspects of our lives - a cleaner for our house, a personal trainer for our body, a dog-walker for our pet - so why not use someone to help with planning your wedding?

Men and Their Health | The Healthy Office

Like anyone else, men need to start thinking about their health from an early age. Lifestyle changes now can mean a healthier life later. Take a look at the different health risks facing men at each stage of life: 20's: Suicide rates for men are highest in late teens, early twenties and then again from late 60's onwards.

How to Set and Achieve Goals | The Healthy Office

Most people have goals throughout their life that they want to achieve, whether it is long-term life goals or shorter-term resolutions for the year. But without a plan in place, it is most likely these goals will fall by the wayside and be forgotten about.

Making Clay Christmas Ornaments with the Kids - Shire Kids

Looking to update your Christmas tree decorations this year? We have an idea that is both cute and sentimental. It is also a fun craft the whole family can do together. We are talking about creating your very own clay ornaments. This simple craft can be enjoyed by kids of any age, even babies.

Most Popular Baby Names for 2012 - Shire Kids

As the year draws to a close the top baby names list has been released for 2012. There have been some changes from previous years, such as Mia entering the girls top ten list in place of Abigail (which is now #14).

Olympics at Home - Shire Kids

Got a dose of Olympic fever? Don't just sit back and watch the Games, get in on the action and bring the family together by hosting your very own Olympic Games at home! It is really easy to do, and will keep the family entertained for hours.

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