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Quality, well researched content is essential for getting your website noticed, maintaining customer engagement and proving that you are the experts in your industry!

I am a competitively priced freelance content creator, specialising in blog writing. Please feel free to take a look at some examples of my previous work and get in touch with me at [email protected]

How to become a Content Writer

Are you someone that enjoys reading blogs, websites and other types of content online? What about writing them? If you’re a creative thinker that can write well then becoming a Content Writer might be an enjoyable and rewarding career path for you.

5 Best tools for creating visual content

Content design is becoming increasingly accessible to those without years of training and professional qualifications. Not having the budget to employ a graphic designer doesn't mean that the quality of your visual content has to suffer. After my previous article 'Heidi's guide: Repurposing

Snaptrip blog
5 Things to do in the Forest of Dean for Nature Lovers - Snaptrip

Once the hunting grounds of the Norman's and Tudor Kings, the Royal Forest of Dean is steeped in history and diverse wildlife. This scenic location is popular holiday destination for walkers, cyclists and other nature lovers, offering a wide range of activities across all four seasons.

Heidi's guide: Repurposing a blog article into an infographic

Creating content for your company's online channels is a time-consuming process. It requires vast amounts of research, planning and effort. With that in mind - are you taking full advantage of the content you already have? By repurposing content, you can maximise its value, increase its rea

4 signs you should apply for that job right now

Using job search websites such as CV-Library gives you access to hundreds of jobs in your area. However, not every job is going to be the right opportunity for you. With the number of people reporting that they are unhappy in their current employment having risen to 60% in recent years

5 Ways Travelling Can Improve Your Career Prospects

Travel enriches the soul. It provides you with the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and experience the world as others experience it. Many young people worry that even if they can afford to travel

5 Reasons You Should Consider Working for a Startup

A corporate job, with a generous pay package and standard nine to five working hours is a sensible career goal. However, for some this routine can quickly become mundane and predictable.

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