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Heather L. Makar

Nutrition, Medical, and Health Writer

Location icon United States

Medical, nutrition, and health related writing is what I focus on since I spend so much of my free time researching topics in this field anyway. I'm in the last year of my biology undergrad and I'm certified through Precision Nutrition. Bodies are interesting! I love learning and sharing about how different nutritional elements can help or harm a person.

I especially enjoy being able to break down complex ideas so that readers can understand and apply the principals discussed. It isn't easy for most audiences to dig through studies and find good information, and I'm happy to be the missing piece in that puzzle.

My current personal research right now is focused on biohacking, nootropics, epigenetics, longevity, and mitochondrial function. I'm most focused on natural methods of maintaining excellent health, though modern technology is generating better answers by the day.