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Maggie Kate Harris is an Australian author as well as a freelance content writer and editor. Harris Content & Copy offers online content writing services as well as proofreading, editing, website development, social media management and also self-publishing packages.

Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors
The Intrend Difference - Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors

At Intrend Bathrooms and Interiors, our years of experience and passion for our work set us apart from the rest of the industry. Our team of dedicated professionals take pride in going the extra mile for our customers, to guarantee ...

Machines4u Magazine
What to Avoid when Renting or Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Are you starting your own catering business, or perhaps upgrading your existing restaurant kitchen? There are a few things you need to avoid when purchasing or renting new equipment. We've compiled a list for you! Just like buying a new car - the minute you leave the showroom, the value of your shiny new toy plummets.

Welcome to Cool Charm
5 South American Destinations To Add To Your Instagram Wish List

How's your Spanish? Before you say 'taco', 'guacamole' or 'Hasta la vista, baby' let me just stop you there. We're not going to Mexico - that's so last century! The newest trendy off-the-beaten-path destination is South America. Think Argentinian red wine. Think ancient Incan ruins. Think endless plains of flat, dry, salty earth.

Integrated Health Specialists
Gold Coast Mental Health a Rising Concern - Prevention Needed!

In Queensland during the 2013/14 financial year, over 44% of all hospitalisations for mental disorders were related to depression and anxiety. Worrying, the Gold Coast has followed this trend. Within the Gold Coast Health Area (GCHA) this equated to 4,491 presentations to hospital for depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and personality disorders in the same year.

Machines4u Magazine
How to Treat Crown Rot, Septoria and other Pesky Wheat Diseases

Crown rot, septoria and other yield-reducing diseases are part and parcel of wheat farming in Australia. Unfortunately, completely avoiding these diseases is almost impossible, and most farms will experience the damaging effects of these nasties at some stage. Treating the diseases and mitigating their effects on crops is key to maintaining productivity and ultimately, profit.

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