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Hannah O'Neill is a writer, documentary enthusiast, and self-confessed coffee addict! She writes about a range of topics but has a special interest in lifestyle, health, and personal development.

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Ideas to Life
How to Toilet Train Your Puppy

Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences for animal lovers. Watching your furry friend grow, teaching him tricks and sharing plenty of cuddles make owning a pet one of life's greatest joys. Before you can enjoy life with your new puppy, you have to go through a training process.

Awesome Vegan Food Hacks Every College Student Should Know

College is the time to have fun, build new social circles and take the steps towards achieving your future career goals. It's easy to forget that leaving home for college means you need to take responsibility for paying bills, laundry, cleaning and cooking your own meals.

Ideas to Life
Is Stress Making You Sick?

Did you know that stress can directly impact your body? The University of Pittsburgh has completed a study which confirms the validity of psychosomatic illnesses. The bodies response in stressful situations is influenced by the link between the cerebral cortex and adrenal medulla. However, the team also found that taking part in relaxing activities can benefit...

Occhi Magazine
Old B*tches Still Bark A homage to Joan Crawford

A beautiful woman begins to walk up the stairs. She turns around and says 'Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night!' I turned to my mother and said: 'Who is that woman?' 'Bette Davis' she replied. 'The First Lady of Hollywood.' From that moment on I was an official fan.

Meryl Streep Should Be Your Role Model - Here's Why!

We live in a culture of reality TV, and internet celebrities. Katie Price recently stated she'd like Hollywood sex symbol Carmen Electra to portray her in an autobiographical movie. Who would pay to watch a movie about Katie Price? The truth is many people would.

Six Of The Craziest Festivals In The World You Need To See

Festivals are about a group of people gathering to celebrate their common interests. We associate festivals with music or religion, but they're not just for spiritual reasons. If you're an avid traveller, then you can't miss these events. From the weird to the wonderful and plain outrageous, here are some of the craziest festivals in [...]

Celebrity Couples Who Show Us Love Can Last

The recent split of Brangelina hit lots of people hard. First Brad broke our hearts when he split with Jen, and then he shocked us by announcing he'd split with Angie. We often look at celebrities as higher beings, but they are just as likely to suffer from the difficulties relationships bring.

How To Have A Ball On A Budget

In today's economy, it's getting harder to find money to survive. Rent, bills, food, and debts take priority over everything else. If you rummage behind your sofa to find some extra pennies, then you know a change is in need. Living on a budget is hard, but there are ways to save money and have some fun.

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