Hannah Khan

Media and Communications Specialist

Location icon United States of America

Hannah is a Public Relations major at Virginia Commonwealth University with an affinity for blogging, fashion, food and learning about the world. She is a millenial storyteller with a serious case of wanderlust, and she hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and luxury PR firm or magazine, as well as publish books and documentaries focusing on leisure and travel. Email her at [email protected]

Layali Webzine
Muslimahs don't need Dolce and Gabbana to validate them

Muslim fashion and Muslim women should not have to be validated by Western fashion labels to be considered beautiful or stylish. Fashion labels everywhere are finally paying attention to one of the most underrepresented demographic in the world - Muslim women, who are deemed by Forbes as the "next untapped market," with reports of Muslims spending $266 billion on clothing and accessories in 2013.

Brave and Bold Thinking
You CAN Afford to Travel - You Just Don't Want To

Yes, I said it. And I stand by it -- despite how cringeworthy that sentence alone may be to those who claim to love travel or want to travel, but hide behind the cloak of affordability to justify the lack of stamps on their passport - the people who brush off travel as a luxury...

Her Campus
Why I'm Sick of Seeing Your #Wanderlust Instagram Photos

Please, spare me the Instagram pictures of your family vacation to Cancun with the hashtag "#wanderlust". Call me a travel snob, but I have no interest in hearing about how your all-inclusive resort package is the definition of an enlightening cultural adventure.

Brave and Bold Thinking
Selectively mourning Paris - why the West turns a blind eye to the rest of the world

There is painful, yet comforting beauty in watching as the world lights up red, white and blue in remembrance of the 129 confirmed dead in Paris on Friday as a result of mass shootings and bombings attributed to ISIS. Iconic landmarks from the Sydney Opera House to the London Eye to the walls of Jerusalem's...

The Commonwealth Times
Students fundraise for national charity camp

VCU juniors Jenny Holmgrain and Sarah Dodson have begun a charity campaign to raise $30,000 by June 2014 to give children with parents who are suffering or have died from cancer the opportunity to go to a summer camp for free.

Brave and Bold Thinking
Why having a "sweetheart" complex isn't as pleasant as it sounds

At five-foot-two I stand barely tall enough to reach the overhead cabinets or close the microwave door. "I'm tiny, but fierce," I say, to justify myself when I receive yet another "I didn't know you were so short" comment. My wardrobe is full of dresses, full of pink, full of skirts, dainty jewelry - girlishness...

Her Campus
25 Ways You Know You're a Traveller at Heart

Travelling is about more than taking pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower and jetsetting to exotic beaches - its about a journey of growth, learning, and experiencing life. While some opt for a luxury vacation, true travellers know that the path to a successful, life changing adventure is not always so cozy.

Brave and Bold Thinking
What you should know before guessing my race

If there was one question I've never been fonder of answering, it would be the one I receive on daily basis from complete strangers. The waiting for my coffee, trying to make conversation question. The "I bet I've got you all figured out" question. The question that precedes an immediate, "no wait, let me guess"...

Brave and Bold Thinking
Yes, I have a problem with Alabama Alpha Phi's recruitment video - here's why

Glitter blowing, synchronized waving, dancing in bikinis -the whole nine yards. The recently scrutinized University of Alabama's Alpha Phi sorority left no hyper-feminine "sorority girl" cliche untouched in their 2015 recruitment video and needless to say, it has received quite a bit of media backlash. A recently published article described the video as "worse for...

Brave and Bold Thinking
The 21 questions I was asked as an American in Europe

After arriving in Europe, I was expecting more of a culture shock than I had received. Sure the roads looked smaller, and the people spoke French, but in my eyes, there was not too much more to figure out. A month later, I discovered that despite the similarities, Europe is a completely different world altogether...

River City Fashion Uprising
VCU Street Style

Written by Hannah Khan Photographed by Abigail Gorden and Chase Davis Within merely days of living in Richmond, appropriately dubbed the art capitol of Virginia, I took notice of Richmond's eclectic sense of style and fashion. In the heart of Richmond, VCU encompasses a fashion as diverse as its students.

Brave and Bold Thinking
Sixteen immediate thoughts on Rolling Stone's article about on campus rapes

Like many of you, I stumbled upon the Rolling Stone's article about Jackie, a then college freshman who was brutally raped at a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house in 2012. Two years later Jackie publicly told her story, and instead of support, she received backlash. As many of us read the story that was published...