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Transcription, Content Creation & Design

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I have over a decade's worth of experience in creating content for online and print publications. I've written for blogs, newspapers and magazines. I have created press releases and penned reviews aplenty. I am a proficient audio typist, having worked on documentaries and scripted interviews. I am highly creative and have designed posters, invites, business cards and completed digital re-brands. I have excellent time-management skills and an excellent turnaround time on projects. I communicate in a professional and friendly manner and offer a range of comprehensive services to help boost your business, reach a deadline or make a professional impact on clients.




Hurdles - Dusk & Dawn - Chordblossom

I first came across Hurdles, quite back accident in late 2013 and it was love at first listen. Returning with a happy, shiny, upbeat EP in 2016 'Dusk & Dawn' has all the classics Hurdles aesthetic with some added pizazz....

Nina Armstrong - Disappear - Chordblossom

Not to be confused with the renowned stunt woman of the same name this Armagh based singer and song writer is however just as daring, a tour de force emanating the emotive and evocative talents of Mary Black or Joni Mitchell, Nina Armstrong brings the raw beauty of acoustic folk back to life with a three track EP that just isn't long enough.

Ben Glover - The Emigrant - Chordblossom

There is one thing that can be said about the music scene in Northern Ireland. It is so deeply intertwined with the culture and heritage of this Isle of Ireland that I shouldn't be surprised to come across such sterling...

Car Chase City - Captain Gravity & The Wasters - Chordblossom

Fans of Tenacious D may recognize the name of this spunky, alternative-pop-punk quartet from Belfast. Originally formed in 2013, their latest release, Captain Gravity & The Wasters is definitely going to take them places. Opening track 'Zero Gravity' has something...

Lost Highways - Beneath the Cedars - Chordblossom

It took me a few listens before I could put in to words my opinion of Lost Highways, Beneath the Cedars, not my usual cup of tea is how I can best put it. Purely instrumental, I can appreciate the talented...

Sam Wickens - Send Me - Chordblossom

In an age where acoustic and folk talent is seeing a revival, Sam Wickens' Send Me EP could not have come along at a better time. A profoundly rich, well-rounded and earthy sound, Wickens' is a wonderfully gifted singer-songwriter whose music undoubtedly...

Aislinn Logan - Lost or Gone - Chordblossom

Already achieving acclaim, Aislinn Logan encapsulates the quintessential earthy and ethereal qualities of traditional Irish folk music and wraps it up in the kind of trance inducing rhythm that is so popular right now. Akin to the likes of Maria Mena, Laura Marling, Lorde and in spots Sia, Aislinn Logan is a rising star with unfathomable talent yet to be unleashed.

Amanda St John - Grow - Chordblossom

I first came across Amanda St John at Stendhal. I was merely milling about the tents when I heard these soulful, angelic vocals over the most delicate acoustics. I was so taken, hypnotised by this ethereal music that my first...

Women Make Waves
My Healthy Skin Hints - Women Make Waves

If you're a bit like me and sick and tired of seeing products advertised that promise healthier, clearer looking in skin inside a week then keep reading. I'm not declaring to have found the holy grail of beauty products because, lets face it, having spent hundreds - possibly - thousands of pounds in your life time on them you know there isn't a holy grail.

Women Make Waves
Robin Williams: Thanks for the laughter - Women Make Waves

00 I'm a child of the nineties so, like many, the tragic death of Robin Williams came as a shock and, truly upset me. His loss has been felt deeply around the world by friends, fans and colleagues. In a year that has seen the passing of so many talented individuals, Robin Williams stands out ...

Chris Keys - View From a Satellite - Chordblossom

There is an absolute treasure trove of local and national talent who dominate the acoustic and folk genre. The list is endless really, each artist putting their own deft touch to a genre in the midst of a renaissance but...

Women Make Waves
Stroke - A Family Affair. - Women Make Waves

As news reached the world that Hollywood Femme Fatale Lauren Bacall had passed away at 89 from a stroke I was saddened but, not because an idol of mine had passed away but because she had been lucky enough to pass away after suffering a stroke.

Passenger - 28th April 2013 - Chordblossom

Passenger with support from David C Clements Sunday 28th April 2013 - Mandela Hall, Belfast Who'd have thought that being a support act could lead to a sold out solo UK tour. I don't imagine Passenger did when he supported...

Ellie Goulding - 6th April 2013 - Chordblossom

Ellie Goulding with support from Matthew Koma & Charli XCX Saturday 6th April 2013 - Waterfront Hall, Belfast It's a cool early evening dusk as drive into town. Belfast city is unwinding from a hard day of retail therapy and...

Sweet Taste - 18th April 2013 - Chordblossom

Sweet Taste with support from Maverick, The Red Velvetines & Screaming Eagles Thursday 18th April 2013 - The Empire, Belfast Thursday night, otherwise known as Student night, and the rain has finally eased off. There is still a chill in...


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