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My socially-conscious books for young readers make complex issues accessible and engaging, while my freelance content writing for nonprofits and businesses unpacks a range of topics, from literacy programs to high-tech shoelaces. I've edited many of Canada's brightest literary talents and have been an enthusiastic promoter of charities that support reading and education for more than 20 years. If your organization supports the rights and wellbeing of young people, it would be a special privilege to spread the word about your efforts.

I'd love to help tell your story.

Nonprofit communications and grant writing | B2B
Optimized blog posts | Newsletters | Long-form marketing content
Ghostwriting | Developmental book editing | Work for hire
Features & reporting for and about families, children, and teens

Confidentiality prevents me from sharing ghostwritten and subcontracted work, but my clients are happy to provide references.

Content Writing
Preferred Partner Success: Precise ParkLink

"Precise ParkLink has always prided itself on being a forward-looking parking solutions provider that facilitates exceptional customer experiences. Now, a new partnership with Hypercharge is making EV charging one less thing to worry about when visiting a hospital."

Content Writing
How EV Charging Boosts Your Business

"The growing demand for EV charging is outpacing the supply of charging stations, creating a gap in the required infrastructure—and a huge opportunity for businesses."

Content Writing
5 Reasons to Switch to SQAIRZ

"The faster the clubhead travels, the farther the ball will go. But you can’t just muscle your way to increased speed by swinging harder."

Content Writing
Making Peace With Your Skin

"We’ve all been there: staring down a pimple in the mirror, a new product clenched in our hands, hoping this will be the secret weapon."

Book Excerpt
More Than Money

Sample pages from More Than Money: How Economic Inequality Affects Everything, written with economist Mitchell Bernard, published by Annick Press.

Work for Hire
The Ultimate Hockey Activity Book

NEW! A high-octane activity book jampacked with feature articles, player biographies, trivia, Mad Libs, and fun games for young hockey fans.

Work for Hire
Endangered Chimpanzees

Sample title from a dozen books I've written about wildlife and sports published under the Bobbie Kalman brand by Crabtree Publishing.

Picture Book
Angus Is Here

NEW! A tenderly illustrated picture book about grieving the loss of a beloved family member and learning to hold onto their memory. Accompanied by a free, downloadable parental guide.

Book Excerpt
Potatoes on Rooftops: Farming in the City

Excerpt from Potatoes on Rooftops, a book for young readers about growing food in cities, winner of the Information Book Award, published by Annick Press.

Book Excerpt
Watch This Space

Sample pages from Watch This Space: Designing, Defending, and Sharing Public Spaces, a White Ravens Award Honour Book, published by Kids Can Press.

Complete Title List

Links to information about all my books for young readers, including publishers and honours.

Sports Stories Series

I've edited a number of titles in James Lorimer & Company's exciting Sports Stories series, which features fast-paced stories by authors such as Lorna Schultz Nicholson, Bill Swan, Monique Polak, and Jacqueline Guest.

Product description
I'm Cool!

SEO-optimized Amazon product description for HarperCollins.

Cover Copy
Nowhere Wild

Cover copy for a debut young adult novel published by HarperCollins.

The Globe and Mail: My Secret Summer series
Skating Stars' Ace in the Hole

Sample article from the My Secret Summer series, conversations with prominent Canadians about their summer pursuits, which I wrote for The Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail: Live Better series
How to Keep a Sharp Knife

Sample article from Live Better, a collection of how-to guides I wrote weekly for The Globe and Mail.

Canadian Family: Techwatch

Sample Techwatch column, published monthly in Canadian Family. I also wrote the magazine's annual holiday gift guide.