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Model/Makeup Artist Leena is a woman on a mission. Finally breaking out of her shell at age mid 20’s, she is finally ready to show the world her true talent. Coming from a small town Springfield, Massachusetts, she soon to branch out more in the east coast for now and soon will be touring the world as she gets better with her career showing off her techniques on makeup. Her mission is to inspire young girls from all over the world to follow their dreams just as she did in her life.

Besides Makeup & Modeling Leena is a laid back cool girl to hang around with and get to know. She definitely is a nerd for games on consoles like XboxOne and Playstation. She also loves horror films and a big fan of zombies. She has a good spirit and personality that you will love and definitely a motivator no matter how hard it is or how long it will take you to reach that goal she will tell you “Don’t stop keep chasing for what you want. If it took me twenty something to realize what I love and wanted to do then you can have that dream as well and fight for what you love don’t let any negativity hold you back, get the people who inspire you, motivate you, give that good energy to accomplish that goal.” As that being said her journey begins October 2014 as a professional makeup artist ready to give you Glam So Lovely!


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