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Writing to me is nights on the back porch; it is recollecting another world or creating a new one. It is a place where magic and heartbreak and the adventures in between come to unified fruition. Transplanted and transfixed, writing will always be a marker, a rope - allowing me to explore the depths of life knowing I have a path of breadcrumbs to lead me back. As Ray Bradbury so candidly puts it, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."

Academic Essay
The Economy of God: Convents in Cuzco

From liens to prayers, Burns reveals the incredible impact of “spiritual economy”, and an economy that is ruled and bound together by religious transactions turns out to be an impressive force.

Academic Essay
The Elegance of the Hedgehog: A Literary Review

I think it is impossible not to think of suicide at least once. Although if you are anything like Albert Camus, you will want to ask yourself this question every day, and if you are anything like Paloma Josse then you will want to begin the preparations for such an event at your earliest opportunity...

Greenheart Travel
Fayetteville: Turning the Unknown into Your Home

Fayetteville is filled with the wonders of backstage magic. It is this kind of magic that happens subtly and, most often, serendipitously. You end up in the right place at the right time, and suddenly, you are transported through the incantation of the air. You float in the magnitude of cohesion. From four years of exploration, I have created the space in which I fit inside of this town. Here is a perfectly carved cut-out of my experience with its very own backstage magic.