Gemma Davison

Freelance Copywriter

United Kingdom

My passion is for writing. It was around eleven years ago that I had the confidence to take the leap from hobby to career. When I started with a few small jobs, it was my aim to make freelance writing my full-time career, and I have been lucky enough to achieve that goal

I can write about anything, with particular skills in cybersecurity, medical, scientific, SEO, and fashion writing. Deadlines will be met, communication is never a problem and no task is too big or too small.

Ultimate Guide to STIs 2021: How to Spot, Treat, & Avoid Them

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), for many, are still a taboo subject and really difficult to talk about with their healthcare provider or partner. But there's no need to be embarrassed about STIs or wanting to know more about them, such as how they are transmitted and how you can prevent them.
7 Important Steps to Take to Recover from Credit Card Fraud

What is Credit Card Fraud? 7 Steps to Recover from Credit Card Fraud Signs of Credit Card Fraud Tips to Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud Frequently Asked Questions Credit card fraud is on the rise. Despite the security measures that credit card providers develop to prevent unauthorized card usage, scammers are becoming ever-more resourceful at working around these methods.
"It Was Very Toxic!" The Bizarre Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe

We all know someone who, overnight, has turned their social media profiles into a non-stop advertisement filled with emojis and hashtags like #BossBabe and #SquadGoals. Suddenly, a woman you haven't spoken to since the 8th grade is bombarding you with messages about an unbelievable opportunity to earn six figures from home.

MyHeritageDNA Reviews 2021 - Is This a Reliable DNA Test?

The ancestry test from MyHeritage promises to reveal the ethnic groups and geographic regions you come from by analyzing your DNA from a simple cheek swab. But how? By drawing from reference populations from 42 ethnicities and 2,114 genetic groups, the ancestry test should be a good choice for you if you want an accurate and detailed breakdown of where you came from.

How to Access LinkedIn From Russia in 2021

Russia is known for its lack of internet freedom. So it should come as no surprise that among many other services, LinkedIn is blocked in Russia. This is because LinkedIn stores the data of its Russian users outside the country, going against a law that user data is stored on national servers.

Research: Global Ranking of Free Wifi Hotspots in 2021

Being able to connect to the internet with ease via free Wifi has become an essential factor for the modern traveler, freelancer, and digital nomads when deciding their next destination. Whether you're in one of these groups, or just constantly running out of mobile data, not having access to the internet when you want or need it, is beyond frustrating.

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Internet Safety Guide for Kids

Table of contents Online Threats to Kids How to Protect Your Kids from Online Threats Keeping Kids Safe on Social Media Online Security Tips for Parents The Internet and Teenagers The Bottom Line As a resource, the internet is a wonderful place for children to learn, explore ideas, and express themselves creatively.
Recognize Fake Bank Reps Calling to Steal Your Information

What are Banking Vishing Scams? Warning Signs of Bank Vishing Scams How to Protect Yourself from Bank Vishing Scams Examples of Banking Vishing Scams Fallen for a Bank Vishing Scam? Frequently Asked Questions Scammers will use vishing attacks (attempts to steal your personal information over the phone) to try and get their hands on your valuable banking and financial information.

10 Best At-Home Hormone Tests in 2021: Fast + Reliable

An at-home hormone test can reveal a lot about your overall health and wellness. Hormone imbalances be an indication of stress, infertility, thyroid issues, how well your metabolism is working, and more. We thoroughly reviewed and tested dozens of companies to bring you our top 10 at-home hormone tests that are fast, reliable, and insightful.