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Lucky Peach
What Is Kaiseki? - Lucky Peach

It's become common for chefs like Corey Lee or Thomas Keller to cite kaiseki as an inspiration for their refined, tasting menu restaurants. But what is kaiseki, exactly? The kaiseki that chefs around the world are referring to is "formal occasion kaiseki," which evolved from a simpler and older style of Japanese dining, which we'll call "tea kaiseki."

4 must-eat noodles in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - SilverKris

Noodles are quite the ubiquitous street food and one of the most popular comfort food dishes around; an affordable, deeply satisfying meal in a bowl. Here are some of the finest specimens in KL that even the locals flock to.

World Nomads Scholarship
A Hungry Ghost Visits Penang - Scholarship Application

THE BEST COFFEE POWDER SOLD HERE IN RETAIL So reads the sign on the wall behind the counter at Toon Leong in English and Mandarin. It's not hyperbole. On all 5 days I spend in Penang I have visited this family-run kopitiam for my daily iced coffee, which is unrivalled by any other corner coffeeshop....

Roads & Kingdoms
The Illicit Pleasure of Secret Indulgences - Roads & Kingdoms

Crullers in Petaling Jaya Monsoons lashed the suburbs the September I went home to Malaysia, tropical thunderstorms that shook the trees daily. Violent, but without malice; just elemental downpours that soaked you thoroughly and left you with mud and gravel under your toenails. The mornings were dry but the afternoons were not.

Doors of Kyoto: A Photography Project by Florentyna Leow

Florentyna Leow The front door is the centrepiece of a home's exterior design. It is often the first thing people notice about a building, and it serves as the introduction to your house. If you are looking for inspiring entryway ideas, this week's article should give you plenty to ponder.

Hyperart Thomasson: Vignettes

Wherefore the Thomasson? Artist Genpei Akasegawa named these objects for Gary Thomasson, a baseball player for the Yomiuri Giants during the 1970s infamous for constantly striking out. For all his inefficiencies as a contributing member of the baseball team, Thomasson continued receiving a generous salary while sitting on the bench at each game, all the way till 1982.

Writers in Kyoto

300-word runner-up entry to the Writers in Kyoto Competition 2017 with Kyoto as its theme.